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Game of Strokes

We though Natalie Dormer was the star athlete of the Game of Thrones cast, but Nathalie Emmanuel, who portrays Missandei, now promotes Speedo. Here she explains how swimming improved her running.

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Swim Run Moo

I’ve had my best training week in ages and my body feels great (knock on wood, cross fingers, find rabbit’s foot).

It was a 15-mile week, ending with 8 x 400 yesterday (1:42-1:56 range) and a 3.71 miler this morning at 8:51 pace. This is the final week of No Boundaries training.

Another milestone: I actually did swim workouts. Wednesday was 8 x 25. Each lap was in the 40-50 second range, but a better measure was how damn long it took me to complete the 200 total yards – 26 minutes. Friday was a vast improvement, and I had a much easier time of it as well – 12 x 25 in 32 minutes. Tomorrow I’ll take a whack at increased distance – maybe 2 x 50 and then 8 x 25.

Next Sunday is the Urban Cow 5k, and it will be my first race since April. I have low expectations for my performance, as I’m trying to concentrate on the long-term. My upcoming 10k training group program is about 8 weeks long, which should set me up nicely for a spring half-marathon. After that, we’ll just see how it goes.

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Running Is Funny Giveaway Winners!

No suspense. The random drawing winner of the Onion Jacks souvenir box was Blaine of Run to Win, and the grand prize winner of the Onion Jacks souvenir box and special secret additional gift was Jeff of no-known blog. Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to all of you who offered terrific advice for my first foray into the world of lap swimming.

Because it was exactly as you predicted. The pool is 25 meters by 25 yards, and though it was tough to tell which was which, I think the lap lanes were 25 yards long. The far-right lane was also double-width, and populated by slow-moving grannies and grandpas in flotation belts, bobbing up and down like buoys. The depth at the shallow end was 7 feet, so I spent the first few minutes blowing bubbles and acclimating myself. I eased my anxiety by never swimming more than an arm’s length from the side wall. Then I simply swam the length of the pool. It took me 43 seconds, but after short rests I was able to do it three more times.

I did a few drills and that was it. The pool is awesome and I’ll be spending a lot of time there this fall and winter.

As for running, there are only two weeks left in the No Boundaries training program. I capped a 13.25 mile week with 6 x 400 yesterday (min = 1:39, max = 1:48) and a practice 5k this morning in 26:06. So, with some good fortune I should manage to break 25 on race day.

After the race, the next step will be Next Steps, an eight-week Fleet Feet training program for a 10k. Since the slow, gradual mileage buildup has kept me injury-free for 10 weeks, I might as well continue with that plan.

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Running Is Funny Giveaway Time!

It was a good training week, if a bit sobering. I did 12.5 miles, culminating in a benchmark 5k run this morning in 27:15. I’ve got three weeks until race day to improve on that. Yesterday I did my first track workout in a year – 6 x 400 with intervals all between 1:44 and 1:53. That was encouraging, except that last year’s track workout was 8 x 400, all between 1:32 and 1:37. In short, I’ve still got a long way to go.

We’re coming down the home stretch in the No Boundaries Couch to 5k program. My efforts to remain low-key have not really paid off, since even at my slow speed, I’m about two minutes per mile faster than the next fastest guy. I’ve had to explain to people that I’m “experienced,” without getting into details, which might sound like bragging to them. Despite that, I would recommend this type of program for returning from injury, since it forces you to stick to basics and keep your mileage low.

As promised, I’m ready to give away a cheesy souvenir of my trip to Bermuda. It’s a little wooden box from the world famous (?) Onion Jacks Trading Post in Hamilton.

I have two of these. One winner will be selected at random from the commenters to this post. And since I don’t get a lot of commenters, your chances are great! The second one will go to the commenter who gives me the best swimming advice, and that person will receive a bonus cheesy souvenir inside! What a deal! (I know. You’re having trouble containing yourself.)

Here’s the swimming situation. I’m practicing three times a week in the (unheated) apartment complex swimming pool, which is about 15 yards long. I’m steadily improving my endurance and breathing, if not quite as quickly as I would like. There is a heated outdoor 25-meter lap pool nearby, which is open year-round. I’m new to all this, so I have three stupid questions:

1) Heated or not, do people really swim laps in an outdoor pool during the winter? The winters in northern California are mild, but we do get a lot of rain and temperatures in the 30s. It just seems a bit strange to me, but what do I know?

2) How “good” should I be before getting in the 25-meter pool with other swimmers? I don’t want to be “that guy” who gets in everyone else’s way while I figure it out. Tell me about your first experience in the lap pool.

3) What are your thoughts about a swim snorkel? On the one hand, it takes care of qualms about distance and endurance in the lap pool. On the other hand, it’s like using training wheels on a bike. I might as well tattoo “dork” on my forehead.

If I had taken my swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer, instead of in August, I probably wouldn’t be facing this dilemma, but here I am. It will soon be too cold to continue in the unheated pool. What do you think? And thanks in advance.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

I wish I could say I spent my Labor Day weekend resting or barbecuing, but instead I transfered Running Is Funny to a new host, updated the theme, added a new color, and generally took care of a few housekeeping items. Naturally, it didn’t go smoothly, but all’s well that ends well.

I ran 10 miles this week at an average pace of 8:55, concluding with a 2.4 mile run at 8:26 pace. That means it’s time for another boost in mileage. I’ll be running 5ks this week. Four more weeks until my next race.

I’m now swimming three times a week and gradually improving. I need to build stamina to the point where it makes sense for me to sign up for lap swimming at the local 25-meter pool. Right now I’d just be an obstruction to anyone else in the water.

The Carnival of Running returns on Wednesday!

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Elbow Room

Hopped the local bus this morning to Elbow Beach. It’s a public beach bordered on both sides by private resort beaches. There was some surf but it was manageable. The water temperature here is amazing. There just isn‘t any initial jolt when you enter the water. It‘s perfect.

I swam a bit, and noted the difference between working through the waves as opposed to calm water. But it was great fun and I come away from this trip with a much higher level of confidence.

We sail away at noon tomorrow, so there’s no more beach time. Back to running. I’d very much like to run in Bermuda, but the nearby areas don’t seem to be very runner-friendly. There are sidewalks in town, but not outside of it, and running in the road would be extremely dangerous. It looks like another workout on the Rubber Band of Doom.

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Today we spent three hours at Clearwater Beach. The swimming went much better, and the Lovely Mrs. A. shot some video that showed me bringing my arms way too wide in my forward stroke. So I worked on that, plus my side breathing. Great day. The water was bath temperature.

As you can see, I also enjoyed the breaks between swimming intervals. More beach time tomorrow!

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