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The Virtual Reality Game That Turns You Into Frogger

It’s called Jogger, of course, and is identical to the old Konami arcade game. Here’s video of how it works, but I don’t know if the cartoony music is part of the experience.

A little too similar to my morning run for my taste.

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Game of Thrones Withdrawal? Try Running With “Fit for Battle”

Do you find that your mind wanders during a run? Do you sometimes wish it would wander? Now you have a choice between thinking about work and thinking about orcs.

Fit for Battle is the latest app to combine role playing games and running.

Fit For Battle has six interactive audio quests to choose from and places you as the main character and the hero of the story, where you need to run to escape from villains, dragons and goblins to survive and in turn maximise your running performance.

…Fit For Battle works to reward the runner for exercising and celebrates each story milestone. The game also takes into consideration the runner’s performance in the real world and converts that performance into part of the story. At the end of the run the amount of calories that were burned convert into gold coins in the story, which can be used to buy clothes and magical items for the virtual character each user creates.

Here’s the short video promo.

This follows in the footsteps of BattleSuit Runner and Zombies, Run! but the tech has improved markedly so your experience is likely to be more immersive. Who knows, they might next create a fitness app for platform diving.

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Mutant All-Stars Track & Field

For the person who likes movies, comics, running and retro video games comes a promotional gimmick from the producers of X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s Mutant All-Stars Track & Field!

You’ll easily win the 100-meter dash and quickly master the high jump, but the javelin throw is challenging. Strangely enough, the mutant all-stars aren’t even half as mutanty as QWOP.

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Running With Friends Is No Bull

Running with friends used to involve setting up a time, putting on your gear and logging a few miles. Now it just takes pulling out your phone. Social games developer Zynga just released Running With Friends, an endless runner game that involves bulls, barrels, alleys, police barriers and running like mad.

App reviewer CrazyMike has taken a look and likes what he sees.

I expect it’s only a matter of time before some innovative race organizer turns this into a real-life experience, in the tradition of Human Pac-Man.

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That’s Why I Don’t Run in Groups

I mentioned the video game Grim Joggers in passing when it debuted in 2011, but thought I would highlight it again because you don’t find too many running-themed games out there. Here’s a promo trailer:

As one reviewer explained, “There are all manner of gruesome deaths awaiting your joggers, from man-eating plants to explosive barrels to polar bears ready to maul you.” That brings to mind the old joke, “I don’t have to run faster than the bear. I only have to run faster than you.”

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Friday Five: Running/Track & Field Video Games

1) Wii Fit Running.


2) Konami Track & Field (take it home for $750).

3) ESPN International Track & Field.

4) International Track & Field (Playstation).

5) International Track & Field on steroids (long jump). The final jump succeeds in ripping the fabric of time and space.

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