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Men Have Worn Running Skirts for Centuries

And the proof is from last week’s Scotland Run 10k in New York City.

The race is an annual event put on by New York Road Runners in partnership with the Scottish government for Tartan Week.

A kilt wasn’t required for the race, but Carlos Lopez went the distance – in costume as well as running.

Then there was Carlos Lopez, 30, from the Bronx. He went full Braveheart. He had the kilt. He had the wig. He had the face paint. There were unconfirmed reports that he carried a club, but photographic evidence suggests not. He finished in 40:49.

“I was worried about the updraft, but it went OK,” Lopez said. “Honestly, I ran about 10 seconds faster than I usually do. Gravity will take care of everything, but chafing is big. You better lube up.”

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Middle-Aged White Male Scorned

Minneapolis Star Tribune sports columnist Michael Rand cannot hide his distaste for the SkirtChaser 5k in a piece he subtly titled “The Skirtchaser 5k? Really? Really?“:

Well, the race and organization at least earn points for transparency. The Twitter page describes it as a “5k race series bringing fitness, beer and flirting together for a big finish line party.” Ahem. And, well, it worked in being just absurd enough to get us to post it. So, bravo.

But we have to ask:

1) The name. Was “The Dame Stampede” already taken? What about “Hunt Down on Broad Street?” Or is that just a product tie-in?

2) What happens when a man catches a woman? One can only assume some sort of club will be provided, no? And suitable transportation to the cave? We’re already running a 5K here. Just looking for some assistance.

3) What if you aren’t fast enough to track down one of these Skirts (and yes, they have to wear skirts, right)? Most of the women in the promotional picture you sent look like serious runners who would be halfway back to their condos before we even cracked open a beer.

We dunno. This is possibly a fairly harmless and even enjoyable event … with a splash of unfortunate sexism in the name and concept. Wait. Now it sounds really bad again. Your thoughts?

Wow. Dude, get over yourself. The Skirt Chaser Race Series is sponsored by SkirtSports, whose CEO, Nicole DeBoom, seems pretty liberated to me. If women are offended, they are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves.

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And They Look Great on Overweight Male Runners, Too

The latest thing for the “fit momma” – maternity running skirts.

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