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Half-Marathon Plan A

Tomorrow I run the Shamrock’n Half-Marathon with a sub-2 goal. I’m capable of doing it, but frankly don’t have much margin for error.

Realistically the fastest mile I’ll be able to run during a half-marathon is around 8:45. Since my average pace will have to be 9:09, I can’t afford even one really bad mile. While going out too fast is always a concern, I also have to worry about going out too slow and leaving myself with too much of a gap to make up. So I have a pretty simple strategy.

First three miles – 9:48, 9:24 and 9:09

9 minute miles the rest of the way.

That gets me in at about 1:59:16, leaving 43 seconds to account for unexpected events.

So that’s the idea. If I can’t hold up, my secondary goal is to beat last year’s time of 2:04:03, which should be in the bag barring some horrible disaster.

The weather will be beautiful tomorrow, although about 10 degrees hotter than my preference.

Wish me luck. I’ll tweet my official time tomorrow as soon as I have it, and will post a full race report here on Monday.

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