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The Question No One Is Asking

Why are marathon runners putting in their pouches small potatoes that they have roasted ahead of time and eat them along the way as they are running the marathon?

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The Latest Running Hazard


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Spud Sprinters

Running Is Funny leaves no stone unturned in its quest to find you the news you need to know. Today we scoured the paragraphs of The Packer for funny running stories. For the uninformed, The Packer is “the fresh fruit and vegetable industry’s leading source for news, information and analysis. The Packer has been reporting every week on the produce industry since 1893.”

It’s a feel-good story:

The Idaho Potato Commission has partnered with RODS Racing, an organization of athletes who raise money to help find homes in the U.S. for orphaned children with Down syndrome from other countries.

The sponsorship allows the commission to give to a worthy cause, all while promoting how potatoes are beneficial to elite athletes.

“From a business standpoint, one of our primary missions is to communicate to consumers that potatoes should be a part of a balanced diet. They are good for fuel and an important source of nutrition. There’s no more credible source than to have more than 100 elite athletes saying it’s a base part of their healthy diet,” said Frank Muir, chairman and chief executive officer of the Eagle, Idaho-based commission.

Then we get this fascinating fact:

“Some of these runners are actually consuming Idaho potatoes during races, instead of the processed gels or other refueling options available.”

We all know potatoes are loaded with carbs, but during a race? I demand photos!

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