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NYC Marathon Will Feature World’s Biggest Selfie Stick

Today ASICS tells us:

ASICS America Corporation, the official footwear and apparel partner of the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon, will celebrate the world’s largest marathon with the “World’s Biggest Selfie Stick,” a 90-foot-tall interactive structure set to open at Gansevoort Plaza in Manhattan next week.

…At Gansevoort Plaza, participants will affix their personal phones into a custom selfie-orb and push the launch button, which will trigger the phone’s built-in video function and send the phone along the 90-foot, high-speed track into the sky. When it reaches its highest point, the phone will pause to reveal and capture a special message, then begin its trip back down the custom track. When the video record ends, participants will have an original selfie video that can be shared across any social channel using the hashtag #GoRunIt.

That I could do without, but kudos to ASICS for this idea, the Marathon Race Day Sign Generator, with which spectators can “create fun, digitally-generated race day signs with tongue-in-cheek messages of motivation for marathoners, and for encouragement and support when cheering on family and friends.”

ASICS has a good amount of sayings and jokes to use, but the text isn’t customizable, I suppose so you don’t put anything obscene above the ASICS logo on the sign.

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“Don’t Listen to Doctors”

Film director Casey Neistat ran the New York City Marathon in 3:03:34 this month. He chronicled the race – minus the boring running parts – in a short video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end.

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Marathon Tall Tales

We spent much of yesterday on Twitter tracking celebrity runners in the New York City Marathon. There was also a charity marathon relay featuring former National Basketball Association stars. The first three miles were covered by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, an avid runner and two-time NYC Marathon finisher.

The last mile was covered by 7′ 2″ Dikembe Mutombo, who ran in his signature brand of high-top shoes. ”I’ve been running all of my life with the high-top shoes,” he said. ”So I really don’t know that much what it’s like running with the low-cut shoes.”

Mutombo’s run made me wonder who may have been the tallest person ever to run a full marathon. I was unable to find a definitive answer, but there was one reference to Matthew Everitt, who was described as “more than seven feet tall” and “the biggest runner in the 2001 London marathon” and perhaps “the tallest entrant in the history of the competition.”

In terms of photographic evidence, I don’t know how tall climber Matt Heason is, but here he is running the Snowdonia Marathon in 2012. Take a look at the face of the runner on the left wearing the hat.

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Some of the 1% Rank High in Running, Too

There’s a pretty large subculture of the running community who follow celebrity marathoners and distance runners, and Sunday’s New York City Marathon gave us another group of them to examine (though still no one as fast as this actor). Even politicians get some press when they race.

But Business Insider is probably the first to Athlinks-stalk the movers and shakers of Wall Street. Brady Dougan, the CEO of Credit Suisse, ran a 3:22 marathon in 2006 at the age of 47. Andreas Halvorsen, the fund manager of Viking Global, completed a 70.3 Ironman in under 4:46. Several more big-wigs are middle-of-the-pack runners.

Just goes to show that money doesn’t have to weigh you down.

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Broadchurch Actress Is An Accomplished Marathoner

Fans of the BBC drama Broadchurch may have noticed that character Beth Latimer, played by Jodie Whittaker, often deals with her grief by taking a run along the beach. Her form and intensity suggest she’s not just pretending for the cameras. It turns out Whittaker is an avid runner and has completed at least two marathons in respectable times.

She ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon in 2004 and 2005, completing it in 2:23 and 2:13, respectively, then moved up in distance. She completed the 2007 New York City Marathon in 4:38, and ran the London Marathon last year for Mencap, a British learning disability charity. She finished in 4:45:41.

With the success of Broadchurch, Whittaker is a cinch to break into the UK celebrity runner limelight the next time she takes to the road.

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John McEnroe on How to Fight Irritation During Marathons

Dove Men+Care is a new sponsor of the New York City Marathon, so the company produced a video ad on “How to Fight Irritation,” and got tennis legend John McEnroe to star. Here it is:

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Race Director Blues

I doubt there has been another time in running history with more attention paid to race directors than runners. The fallout over the cancellation of the New York City Marathon and the way it was handled got so bad that you weren’t even allowed to joke about it, and the world’s most famous race director is under fire.

While that was going on, the organizers of the Hot Chocolate 15k decided to leave Washington DC off their series of races after last year’s “hot chocolate mess.” Traffic problems were the main culprit, but there was also a lack of hot chocolate at the finish, prompting angry participants to post an Epic Fail page on Facebook.

Race directors can even cause international incidents, as the Beijing Marathon reportedly barred Japanese runners from registering because of a border dispute between the two countries. The move didn’t too sit too well, and the Chinese quickly reversed the decision, then claimed the Japanese were never barred in the first place.

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