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Friday Five: Weirdest London Marathon Costumes

Kenya and Ethiopia may have the fastest marathoners, but no one matches the Brits when it comes to running in costume. Here are the more inventive outfits from last week’s London Marathon.

1) Gorilla suits are too pedestrian. This guy is caged by a gorilla.

2) When dinosaurs ruled the Earth, they stuck to short distances.

3) This guy brought his karaoke machine…

4) …which was bad news for this guy.

5) If your singlet was getting ripe after 20 miles, you could visit this guy.

Bonus) Jesus Christ…

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Exactly Matched by the Evil Butler

I keep an eye on celebrities who run marathons, particularly if they’re pretty good at them, but I was especially intrigued by the effort of actor Rob James-Collier, who plays Thomas Barrow on PBS’ Downton Abbey.

He ran to raise money for the Chilterns MS Centre, a multiple sclerosis charity. What caught my eye was his finishing time – 3:43:34 – which is not only impressive, but matches to the second my own marathon PR.

Congratulations, Rob! Here at Running Is Funny we raise a snifter of brandy in your honor.

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Margaery Runs a 3:50, Joffrey Fails to Finish

Here are a few items from the London Marathon that might not have made it into your local news reports:

* Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, completed the race in 3:50:57. Nice even splits, too, though she went out too fast.

* Downton Abbey‘s Ed Speleers ran a 3:24:16 with entirely positive splits.

* David Stone from Devon set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon dressed as a television character. He ran 2:49:51 dressed as a Thunderbirds character. Can’t find a photo so I don’t know which one it was, but I’m sure his hair was fabulous.

* If you didn’t get to run the London Marathon, don’t despair. Thanks to Paofit, you can run the entire course on your treadmill, as well as courses in many other locations around the world.

* Wear your London Marathon finisher’s medal to Cartizze, Mayfair’s trendiest new Bellini bar, tonight and tomorrow night and enjoy complimentary cocktails.

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Race of Thrones

The London Marathon usually features a decent number of celebrity runners, some of them quite fast. This year’s race is no exception, with prominent actors from two popular television shows.

Actress Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on HBO’s Game of Thrones, will be running to raise money for Barnardo’s, a children’s charity.

She writes, “My goal is to finish the 26.3 miles in under 4 hours!”

I guess she won’t be running the tangents.

Actor Ed Speleers, who plays Jimmy Kent on Downton Abbey, will run to raise money for Somerset Cancer Care. Speleers ran the marathon last year, finishing in an impressive 3:14:58.

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A Marathon Where the Toilets Run to You

The London Marathon is renowned for its costumed runners, and this year’s race boasts not one, but three runners attempting to set the world record for fastest marathon while dressed as a toilet.

Marcus Mumford is one of these intrepid souls, receiving a sponsorship from porta-potty manufacturer AndyLoos while he raises money for WaterAid, a global charity that helps underdeveloped countries with clean water and sanitation infrastructure.

It isn’t just Marcus’ attire that is uncommon. As you can see from this photo, he put the seat down.

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Broadchurch Actress Is An Accomplished Marathoner

Fans of the BBC drama Broadchurch may have noticed that character Beth Latimer, played by Jodie Whittaker, often deals with her grief by taking a run along the beach. Her form and intensity suggest she’s not just pretending for the cameras. It turns out Whittaker is an avid runner and has completed at least two marathons in respectable times.

She ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon in 2004 and 2005, completing it in 2:23 and 2:13, respectively, then moved up in distance. She completed the 2007 New York City Marathon in 4:38, and ran the London Marathon last year for Mencap, a British learning disability charity. She finished in 4:45:41.

With the success of Broadchurch, Whittaker is a cinch to break into the UK celebrity runner limelight the next time she takes to the road.

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Can You Look Too Good After a Marathon?

Since it’s jolly olde England, it’s only appropriate to have a tempest in a teapot after the London Marathon. It seems Jan Moir, a columnist for the Daily Mail, got a little worked up when she saw singer Katherine Jenkins, who had just finished the race in 5:26.

“The really amazing thing is that she did it all looking like a perfectly groomed pin-up every single step of the way,” Moir wrote. “She did it looking as fresh and crisp as a frosted, coral-coloured rose from beginning to end.”

But Moir didn’t stop there. In a tirade of epic length, she went on:

Among all the runners at the start of the race on Sunday, 32-year-old Katherine was uniquely red carpet magnifico. Her biscuity maquillage was flawless. Hosed on, as they say in the trade. The building trade.

She had lashings of pink lip gloss, sooty false eyelashes and sweeping, coal black eyeliner. Not to mention a perfect silvery manicure, those ever-tanned limbs, her blonde hair pulled back into an immaculate ponytail and raisin-sized diamonds in her ears.

Jenkins took to Twitter to defend herself, greatly exceeding 140 characters, then to the BBC, and The Guardian and fellow celebrity marathoner Amy Childs also took Moir to task.

And while Jenkins does look like she was ready for a marathon photo shoot, rather than a marathon…

…I think she should be applauded rather than criticized for looking good afterwards…

If it worked for Zeddie Little, why not for Katherine Jenkins?

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