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Don’t Treadmill on Me

They always say to train for the race you will run. So don’t run Pike’s Peak without training at altitude. Don’t run Boston without training for hills. Don’t run the Runaway Bride 5k without training in a wedding gown. And don’t run in Sacramento on Memorial Day without training in the heat.

Viper has been running in the rain, which is what I assume he risks facing in his race. I realized that as much as I had improved, it meant nothing unless I left the comfort of the gym and treadmill for the real world.

To simulate 8:30 a.m. conditions on Memorial Day, I headed out at 10:30 today. To prepare myself for running on pavement instead of a large rubber band, I wore my ankle brace. That, and an ice pack afterwards, will save me a scolding from Joy (maybe).

It pains me to give Viper renewed hope, but road running in 74 degree heat is a lot harder that blasting a 7.6 mph on a treadmill. I started out gingerly, ran a strong middle, and melted at the end for a total 5k time of 27:58.


It was disappointing, but on the positive side at this point Viper can’t tell if I’ll be Sleeveless Windbreaker Guy or Desiccated Superman on race day. I guess we’ll both have to be prepared for anything.

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