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Race Report – No Excuses 5k

It was that time of year for the No Excuses 5k, a race in which your finish time is adjusted for age and sex, which means it’s a great day for old ladies and little girls.

This is the first time in years that I actually trained for a 5k. Usually I’m just breaking the monotony of long distance training, but this year I’ve cut my distance and worked on speed (such as it is).

Mile 1 – 8:17

It was unseasonably warm, which may explain why I went out about 30 seconds faster than my normal first mile. Still, 5ks do not lend themselves to negative splits. It’s usually better just to go out hard and hang on.

Mile 2 – 8:11

I’m smoking now! Not because I’m moving fast, but because I’m literally about to burst into flames.

Mile 3 – 8:28

Parenting tip: Nothing is more likely to ruin your 10-year-old’s love for running than you continually barking instructions to him at the end of a 5k. You know who you are.

Finish – 26:11

That’s six seconds faster than my last 5k, and my Garmin showed I ran 3.16 miles, so I’m very happy with the pace.

I’m 55, and the age-grading system still hasn’t helped me in the standings. I finished 169th out of 466 runners, and the age-grading dropped me to 174th. With standard rankings, I would have been 10th of 17 in my age group.

There’s a 10k at the end of June, but I’m not in 10k shape yet, so I’ve yet to decide what’s up next.

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Race Report: Running of the Elk Half-Marathon 2014

I’ll keep this short, since I ran this race last year and it was just about the same. The weather was beautiful, the course was spacious, and Creepy the Elk was there.

Mile 1 – 10:18

Mile 2 – 10:04

Mile 3 – 9:53

Mile 4 – 9:45

I was well rested and jacked up, so I had to constantly remind myself to slow down. I had a terrible time with drop-off after 10 miles in my training runs.

Mile 5 – 9:47

Mile 6 – 9:46

Mile 7 – 9:55

Mile 8 – 9:53

Very comfortable at this pace, but the sun was starting to beat down.

Mile 9 – 10:04

Mile 10 – 9:59

Mile 11 – 10:12

Mile 12 – 10:36

Through Mile 11 I was right on last year’s pace, but Mile 12 was brutal and I was overheating something fierce. I didn’t want to be one of those guys who goes into cardiac arrest a half-mile from the finish trying to sprint it in, so I walked for five minutes and then resumed my pace to the finish.

Mile 13 – 12:53

Finish – 2:14:34

294th of 676 finishers, 27th of 46 in 50-59 AG.

This was my 20th half-marathon and almost certainly my last. Slowing down isn’t the issue. Though my time was slower than last year’s, it was faster than my training pace for double-digit runs. But even as my pace slows, the wear and tear on my legs and hips seems to increase with every long run.

My plan is to max out at 10 miles from now on. My middle distance runs are not only comfortable, but my speed has been improving. We’ll see if cutting the distance will pick up the pace.

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Race Report: Valentine Run 4-Miler

I haven’t done this race in five years or so for the obvious reason: it’s in early February. This year I threw caution to the wind – literally – in order to run a large race in my new age group.

And now I’ll probably leave it alone until I reach my next age group.

It was raining heavily with southerly winds of about 20 miles per hour.

The final announcement before the race began was that the awards ceremony would not be held due to the weather.

Last year 629 people ran. This year it was 423.

Mile 1 – 8:59

Mile 2 – 8:39

Mile 3 – 8:29

Mile 4 – 8:23

Official chip time – 34:49. 159th out of 423. 8th of 13 in 55-59 age group. I just edged out a 75-year-old guy. He was third in his age group.

Still, I can’t complain. This would have been a good pace for me even in nice weather. I went out and ran a slow 11 miles the next day so everything seems to be coming together for my half-marathon in 8 weeks.

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Race Report: Elk Grove 5k Fun Run

For my first race in a new age group, I decided to step into the WABAC Machine and compete on the roads the old-fashioned way.

The Elk Grove 5k Fun Run was missing everything you have come to expect from a modern 5k. No early packet pick-up, no t-shirt, no chip timing, no porta-potties, no closed roads, no aid stations, no age-group awards, no quarter-bagels and half-bananas at the finish. Just an accurately measured course, a handful of volunteers, a few orange cones, a clock, and someone to manually record your time at the finish. Oh, by the way, it only cost $10.

A cold but enthusiastic crowd of the young and old – but not too many in-between – toed the line.

Mile 1 – 8:40

I’ve found there are two ways to run a 5k: 1) Start slow and gradually pick up speed or 2) Start fast and hang on for dear life. I always plan to do the former and inevitably do the latter.

Mile 2 – 8:32

My hips finally loosened up and my pace increased at the same effort level.

Mile 3 – 8:14

I hadn’t run a short race in a very long time, but all the distance running made the final 1.1 seem like nothing at all, so I went all out. It helped that I was able to pass a bunch of people, and I set my sights on a guy who appeared to be in my age group wearing an owl hat. I edged past him with about a half-mile to go, but I guess he, too, had the old dude competitive juices going and Owl Man was able to overtake me just steps from the finish line.

Finish: 26:17

40th overall out of 183. 2nd out of 5 in the 55-59 AG. Turned out Owl Man was 54.

I love event races and amenities are always welcome, but it was very nice to experience once again the bare-bones simplicity of road racing the way it was once practiced. I don’t need a parade every time.

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Race Report: 2013 Elk Grove Turkey Trot 10k

Rather than deal with the parking and crowds for the parade known as the Run to Feed the Hungry, I and several hundred others ran the Elk Grove Turkey Trot through the wide open rural spaces south of town. This year’s race even had chip timing, so what else would you need?

The weather was perfect, leading to some unusually even splits for me.

Mile 1 – 8:52

Mile 2 – 8:49

Mile 3 – 8:51

Mile 4 – 8:51

Mile 5 – 8:57

Mile 6 – 8:47

Finish – 54:13

78th out of 247, but a disappointing 9th out of 12 in the 50-54 age group. Fast old dudes in my area.

My Garmin showed the course to be about 0.1 short, so I figure it would have been a 55:06 or so. Just a great day for a race.

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Race Report: Rock the ’80s 8-Miler

It’s amazing what cool, dry weather will do for your running.

Three weeks after my slowest half-marathon ever in the heat and humidity of Anaheim, I toed the line at the start of the Rock the ’80s 8-Miler, a small local race with an Eighties theme. The race organizers and the crowd of 409 8-mile entrants and 231 5k runners got into the spirit of things, with lots of ’80s music and outfits – although most the costumes were worn by people who must have only a vague memory of the decade. Or maybe my memory is fading, but I don’t remember that neon and multi-colored tights were really that prevalent. (All photos courtesy of the Lovely Mrs. A.)





High 50s at the start, overcast with only a slight breeze. Perfect running weather and off we went on time. My goal was to break 1:15.

Mile 1 – 9:05

Mile 2 – 9:06

Oops. Went out about 45 seconds per mile faster than planned. After the first mile, I told myself I was either going to have a good race, or explode early. Nothing like a mystery to start your day.

Mile 3 – 9:00

Mile 4 – 9:00

There was a band and recorded ’80s music at points along the route, which was especially welcome since there were few spectators. There was a guy dressed up as Michael Jackson just after Mile 4, so I gave him a “hee-heeee” as I ran past.

Mile 5 – 8:49

Mile 6 – 8:47

It was so nice not to be sweating buckets at this point. I even managed to increase my pace, so if I could hold on I could break 1:12, which would be a sub-9 pace. Even though I’m sure it makes no real difference, it feels like an advantage to run a race along a route I train on all the time. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to guess how far it is until the next turn or mile marker.

Mile 7 – 8:48

Mile 8 – 8:41

Wanted to be sure I had a strong finish, so I steadied myself during the 7th mile, then emptied the tank during the final mile. There was a bit of a hill and a 90 degree turn just prior to the line, but I traversed them in good fashion and felt great as I crossed.


Finish – 1:11:36 (8:57 pace)

84th of 409. 4th of 11 in 50-54 age group.

Wonderful time, and only one small disappointment. The stars were perfectly aligned – small field, five-year age groups, and awards for top three in each. A rare chance for hardware, but I came up about two minutes short.

What’s great is that in the space of a few weeks I got to enjoy a major race event with large crowds and all the bells and whistles, and a small, fun race within walking distance with a reduced field and plenty of room to concentrate on the run itself. You should have some of both types on your racing schedule to maximize your running experience.

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Race Report: Dumbo Double Dare

Last weekend’s Dumbo Double Dare was a grueling test of strength, will and endurance. It was a true measure of athletic readiness and determination.

Not the race itself, of course. Anyone who can complete a half-marathon can easily add a 10k the day before and get the job done without difficulty. No, I’m talking about the real yardstick of human achievement: making it through two distance races sandwiched between a weekend at Disneyland.

The Lovely Mrs. A. and I had a leisurely breakfast on Friday and were strolling back to our room at about 9:30 when we noticed a gigantic meandering line of people. This is a common sight at Disneyland, but this line was in, around and under our hotel. Yes, it was the line for packet pick-up and the race expo. Some had been waiting since dawn to get in.

Bib pick-up was downstairs, while shirt pick-up and the expo were upstairs, which meant standing in two separate lines. Naturally, it wasn’t until after I got my shirts that I realized my pre-ordered park admission ticket was at a booth downstairs. I braved the wrath of volunteers, security and those in line to reverse course and get it, then reverse course again to avoid waiting in line to get back upstairs. Fortunately for me, it was such a zoo I was able to ninja my way through the line. I am not proud of this but I’ll get over it.

Then it was off to Disneyland for the day, which was great fun but, of course, lots of walking and standing in line. If you were there or heard from someone who was, you’ll know that the heat and humidity were oppressive. It didn’t bode well for race day(s).

Had a nice lamburger for dinner and went to bed early. The Lovely Mrs. A. and I ran the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler in Orlando last year, and decided not to spend hours in the corrals again, so we we got up around 5:15 and headed to the start at 6.

The gun went off at 6:15 and I was sweating profusely already. Even at that early hour, the temps were in the 70s and the humidity in the 50s. Yuck. I adjusted my expectations.

Mile 1 – 9:24

Mile 2 – 9:02

The first third of the race took us away from the parks and through the surrounding area of Anaheim. More costumed runners than I’ve ever seen in my life, and nearly two females for each male.

Mile 3 – 9:06

Mile 4 – 8:54

Mile 5 – 9:23

Three miles of running through California Adventure and Disneyland with the sun rising, past all the lit-up attractions, with plenty of characters around for photo ops. For this portion though, your only spectators are race volunteers and Disney custodians.

Mile 6 – 9:25

Official finish – 57:37

The last mile or so takes you out of Disneyland and through Downtown Disney, with a big 90-degree turn to the finish line. I was absolutely drenched in sweat but averaged a respectable (for me) 9:17 pace, good enough for 693rd place (out of 7,828) and 39th of 208 in the 50-54 AG. I got my 10k medal and my green wristband for completing the first leg of the Dumbo Double Dare.

The finish line area was well-organized and entertaining. Fluids, snack boxes, medals and photos all easily available without a logjam of finishers, and there was a congregating area with a DJ and video of the remaining runners. I was even able to spot the Lovely Mrs. A. sprinting to the finish as she completed her race.

I was going to take a photo of the “sweat angel” I made in the parking lot, but thought better of it.

The weather conditions were not going to allow me to run a decent half-marathon on Sunday, so I chucked my time goals out the window and had a great day at California Adventure, where the Lovely Mrs. A. consistently whipped my butt at Toy Story Midway Mania. We rode this five times. She crushed me five times, improving her score each time.

The humidity was so bad I ended up showering four times on Saturday. I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed at 4:15 on Sunday morning and before long headed out to the corrals for the half-marathon. I was in Corral B so it was nice not having to wait for all those staggered starts.

Mile 1 – 10:57

Mile 2 – 10:48

Mile 3 – 10:28

The half-marathon route brought us back into the parks more quickly than the 10k route, so it was still pretty dark and lot more scenic. I went out about 30 seconds per mile slower than my normal half-marathon pace, but it didn’t matter. When we hit the 5k timing mat I was already soaked to the skin. I decided to Gallowalk it the rest of the way and avoid a death march. And it worked!

Mile 4 – 12:17

Mile 5 – 10:48

Mile 6 – 10:48

This was the least interesting part of the course, as we left the Disneyland environs and struck east across Anaheim. I don’t have much recollection of this part of the race, but I was basically walking for two minutes, then running until I felt overheated.

Mile 7 – 11:49

Mile 8 – 11:21

Mile 9 – 11:31

I had heard about the Anaheim residents who line up their classic cars along the race route, but it went on for miles. Local support was tremendous throughout the race. There were scores of cheerleader groups, high school bands and assorted dancing entertainment all along the way. I was hanging in there and enjoying myself. I even liked the Santa Ana River Trail, which put us on dirt rather than asphalt for about a half-mile.

Mile 10 – 11:38

Mile 11 – 13:17

Mile 12 – 11:31

This was my favorite part of the race. We came off the trail and entered the parking lot of Angel Stadium. There were cheerleaders yelling their heads off as we ran toward the tunnel leading through the right-centerfield fence. The 15k timing mat was just outside and as we crossed it, we got a view of the field and the stands filled with screaming spectators. We ran in front of them along the warning track and exited through the left-centerfield fence, where there was another gauntlet of cheerleaders. It was invigorating.

We then headed back toward Disney, crossing onto the property just before Mile 12.

Mile 13 – 9:50

Official finish – 2:29:17

There was a mass of excited spectators the entire rest of the way, which induced me to see if I could run it out from Mile 12 on in. I had already cemented the slowest half-marathon I had ever run, but I felt great (though soggy). I managed a relatively strong finish, and I even got a little emotional as I turned in my wristband for my Dumbo medal. I finished 4,763rd out of 15,847. 209th of 469 in the 50-54 AG.

From a strict running perspective for me, the Dumbo Double Dare was a mess. My 10k was fine, my half terrible, and I’ve resolved never to run a race in such hot and humid conditions again. Yet I can tell you that I had an absolute blast and it may have been the most fun running event I’ve ever experienced.

People smile, laugh and have a great time before, during and after a Disney race, even in deplorable weather. If you’re a PR-fixated runner – as I have been – you owe it to yourself for once to forget your watch, plunk down the cash, and immerse yourself in the RunDisney experience. In its own way, it’s as rewarding as BQ would be.


This is how you spend a race weekend. Eating and drinking…


…and eating and drinking…


…and heading out to an early morning race…


…posing at Mile 2…


…and finishing, so you can go back to…




…until finally, you take some rest…


…so that you’ll have enough energy for MORE EATING!!!


I’m starting to look like Dumbo, and I had to redeem myself after my many Toy Story drubbings, so I used my eagle eye to win a stuffed Dumbo for the Lovely Mrs. A. at a carnival game.


Literally hundreds of people wear their T-shirts and medals to the parks after the races, and many conversations were struck with runners and non-runners alike. It was really great.

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