Friday Five

Friday Five: Private Parts (OK For Work, Really!)

This week’s list deals with running and your privates, or the things that cover your privates. Nothing lascivious, if that’s what you were hoping for.

1) “Compared to female runners, female cyclists had decreased genital sensation.” This is not really new.

2) You can now replace your running coach with a sports bra.

3) I foresee chafing issues.

4) Anna Young pumped breast milk while running a half-marathon.

5) Olympics viewer complains to FCC about male genital outline.

The track and field events are nothing short of minor pornography and should be rated R to NC17 clothing that is to tight exposing male genitals is NOT what I had in mind when sitting with my family last night. Something needs to be done. Less Camera time and Slow Motion Of These Runners flip Flopping their way accross [sic] the finish line. These athletes should be required to wear an ahleletic [sic] supporter or precautions should be put in place by the broadcasting network to create a more comfortable family friendly program.

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Friday Five: Things You’ve Done That Usain Bolt Hasn’t

1) Run a mile.

2) Avoided a Segway accident.

3) Dodged a flower girl.

4) Backed far away from people like Mickey Rourke at 4 am.

5) Eluded entanglements with D-list reality TV stars.

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Friday Five: Race Cheating That Really Didn’t Involve Cheating

Cheating in marathons, road races and other athletic events is making headlines these days, but here are five stories in which the cheating is either disproven, not exactly cut-and-dried, or even praiseworthy.

1) Chris Togneri never intended to “cheat,” but an injury, a diverted route to the finish, and an incorrect posting of results temporarily gave him a 2:20 marathon time.

2) Allison Bourg didn’t cheat, but she may have been cheated due to a chip malfunction.

3) Ryan Lee completed the London Marathon, but he was removed from the results because he missed the 5k timing mat and crossed the 10k mat 33 minutes after the start. Sounds like cheating, but there is photo evidence suggesting the race organizers got his starting time wrong.

4) Natasha Argent claims her London Marathon cheating was due to a panic attack and disorientation.

5) Mahsa Torabi “cheated” by completing the “I Run Iran” marathon by banditing the race ahead of the field of runners. The race officially banned participation by women.

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Friday Five: Weirdest London Marathon Costumes

Kenya and Ethiopia may have the fastest marathoners, but no one matches the Brits when it comes to running in costume. Here are the more inventive outfits from last week’s London Marathon.

1) Gorilla suits are too pedestrian. This guy is caged by a gorilla.

2) When dinosaurs ruled the Earth, they stuck to short distances.

3) This guy brought his karaoke machine…

4) …which was bad news for this guy.

5) If your singlet was getting ripe after 20 miles, you could visit this guy.

Bonus) Jesus Christ…

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Friday Five: Linky Love – Age of Ultron

Every so often Running Is Funny likes to highlight running web sites that caught our eye. Here is the latest batch!

1) The Safaricom Marathon has a strong web presence and Twitter feed, but even if you can’t make the June 25 race on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, you can enjoy the incredible course on Google Street View.

2) Want to know if a race is any good before committing those hard-earned dollars? Check out BibRave, which is essentially Yelp for runners.

3) Running With Rolo’s. As they remind us, “Not the chewy caramels in milk chocolate” – though that would be nice, too. Engaging running blog with a host of non-running stuff as well.

4) Patti Tucker. Patti is a writer of humorous essays, which makes all her stuff a joy to read, but you can tune in to her “Runny McRunnerson” posts exclusively if you like.

5) Beerfit Blog. Good on its own, but best for listing “6 Blogs To Follow If You Love Beer And Running.” At the top of the list, of course, is long-time Running Is Funny favorite, The Beer Runner.

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Friday Five: Things I Really Don’t Want to See While Running

1) Wolves. In Mongolia. In temperatures of 35 below zero.

2) A paranoid man with an ax.

3) A decapitated kangaroo head on a public barbecue grill.

4) A 51-year-old male flasher wearing fishnet stockings.

5) Lance Armstrong.

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Friday Five: All-Inclusive Holiday Races

There are Santa Runs galore, but there are other holidays and celebrations this month, too. And if you search hard enough, you can find a road race associated with any of them.

1) The Dreidel Dash in Louisville, Kentucky, featuring – who else? – Dashy the Dreidel.

2) Baltimore is the scene of the Celtic Solstice Five-Miler.

3) How about the Boxing Day Race in Aylesbury, UK?

4) Dallas, Texas, is the home of the KwanzaaFest 5k.

5) Sick of St. Nick? Try the Krampus Run in Munich.

Bonus: There are beasts around Christmastime much scarier than Krampus. Have eye bleach at the ready. You can’t unsee this…

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