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RIP Ed Whitlock

Very sad to learn of the passing of running legend Ed Whitlock at age 86 from prostate cancer.

It’s normal to idolize Ed for his running accomplishments, but I also idolized him because he seemed to be such a down-to-earth human being. I’ll miss following his exploits and good humor.

By way of tribute, here’s a post from last October, titled simply enough “Why We Love Ed Whitlock.”

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Merry Christmas!

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re out running.

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Disguised in Running Clothes

Over at Canadian Running, Seanna Robinson describes a problem she has concerning her running buddies.

I have some good friends who I still struggle to identify if I see them in casual clothes. Business clothes are even worse. Walking down the street, I hear “Hi Seanna!” If the speaker is in running clothes, I can identify them immediately. If not, I panic.

This happens to me all the time. When I run, I look like this…


…but I usually look like this…

No wonder people don’t recognize me.

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We Appease The Tiki Gods By Gorging on Kalua Pork Tacos and Rum

The Disney Wine & Dine weekend post-race party was great, but we weren’t going home without a trip to Trader Sam’s at the Polynesian Resort. It opens at 4 pm so we lined up early to ensure a seat in the very tiny bar.

They frown on flash photography so only a few of our pictures are usable. This will give you some sense of the decor.


We then placed our order for an Uh Oa, which, as always, angered the tiki gods. Here’s a better video than we were able to take of the ensuing event.

Aaaah Oa.


I’d like to say I was in hog heaven, but that didn’t happen until the kalua pork tacos arrived, eventually joined by the pan-fried dumplings, the roasted chicken and pork pâte báhn mì sliders, and a pair of Dark and Tropical Stormies (no accompanying show with those).

Tremendous fun and a great topper to a wonderful trip. Makes me want to own a tiki bar when I retire. I could call it the FUBAR.

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A Test of Endurance: Eating My Way Through Disney’s Wine & Dine Post-Race Party

One of the runners’ perks for the Disney Wine & Dine race weekend was a free admission to Epcot for the post-race party. The park was kept open from 8 pm until 1 am for the runners, and the smaller crowds made it more manageable to try out Soarin’ and Test Track.

There was also a DJ and a performance by the American Music Machine, a gifted group of a cappella singers who were like Glee on steroids. They went through the entire ITunes Store catalog in 30-second samples without much coherence.

But what did that matter? The selling point of the party was a D-Day invasion of the food and booze kiosks. We did our research in advance at the EasyWDW site, and everything we had was terrific.

The pickled beet salad…

…the artist palette of wine and cheese…

…the spicy tuna poke…

…the gazpacho with lump crab meat…

…the seared scallop…

…the lamb meatball with spicy tomato chutney (on right)…

…the seafood fishermen’s pie…

…and for dessert, the liquid nitro chocolate almond truffle.

There were a couple of ales in there, too. It was awesome. But we had an even better party a couple of nights later.

Next: We anger the tiki gods.

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Wine, Dine, Toe the Line and Da Kine

I’m off to Orlando for the Disney Wine & Dine Weekend, which will involve Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, many trips through Toy Story Mania, and an Uh Oa or two.

I expect I’ll be posting some photos along the way, and definitely some tweets. There will be cosplay! (But just for the 10K.)

While I’m doing all that, you’ll be dealing with the final few days of campaign wackiness. Sorry about that.

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