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New Heart Study Is Good News for Zombies

The running community is up in arms about an editorial to be published in the British journal Heart that claims “Running too fast, too far and for too many years may speed one’s progress toward the finish line of life.” In a story headlined, “One Running Shoe in the Grave,” the Wall Street Journal summarizes the argument:

What the new research suggests is that the benefits of running may come to a hard stop later in life. In a study involving 52,600 people followed for three decades, the runners in the group had a 19% lower death rate than nonrunners, according to the Heart editorial. But among the running cohort, those who ran a lot—more than 20 to 25 miles a week—lost that mortality advantage. Meanwhile, according to the Heart editorial, another large study found no mortality benefit for those who ran faster than 8 miles per hour, while those who ran slower reaped significant mortality benefits.

So if you have run for more than 30 years, run more than 25 miles per week, and maintain better than a 7:30 pace, you lose your “mortality advantage.” You are, however, a badass.

It is best not to get too worked up about these sorts of things in either direction. Even if Heart is correct, running fewer miles at a slower pace might decrease your mortality from heart disease while increasing it in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’m planning to submit an editorial headlined, “One Running Shoe Out of the Grave” that will detail how the zombie horde will first eat the brains of the sedentary, then pursue this new cohort of slow, short-distance runners with extraordinarily healthy hearts. The survivors will be the faster sort of ultra-runner, plus triathletes, since I’ve never seen a zombie on a bike or attempting an open water swim.

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“Too Many Zombies”

Geekdad at has an excellent race report of the Run for Your Lives zombie 5k obstacle run in Georgia. The wet weather gave the event a real The Walking Dead vibe, since the TV show also involves zombies, Georgia, running and mud.

The general sentiment was positive and fun, but a few participants complained that there were “too many zombies.”

Suck it up, buttercup. Think of it as practical training for the coming zombie apocalypse. You can work on the academic theory part during the summer.

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Sears Targets Rapidly Growing Market: Zombies

Just as fall is prime marathon season, so to is it prime zombie season. And what self-respecting zombie wants to find himself at the end of a game of zombie tag without some fresh, juicy brains? If you’re one of the walking dead, don’t get shut out for lack of speedwork. Sears is now taking care of all your retail needs, in your language! The department store chain is especially pumped to get you into the best shape of your, um, life.

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Should Zombies Do Speedwork?

At, they have taken up a question vital to the future of our nation: Which are more frightening, slow zombies or fast zombies?

Opinions vary, but every debate benefits from a scientific angle, such as this one, provided by “radonol”:

It seems zombies would be unable to increase (or even have) VO2 max, so speedwork wouldn’t have the same benefit for them as it would for you – so get out on the track and increase your chances for survival when the zombie apocalypse hits!

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Even a Man Who Is Pure in Heart…

It’s one thing to be chased by zombies or hillbillies, but the organizers of BloodRunner 2015 prefer a different kind of horror – werewolves.

Scheduled for the night of July 31 – under a full moon, of course – in Putrajaya, Malaysia, the 10k course will feature a series of undisclosed obstacles, culminating in a festival of music and food trucks at the finish.

The organizers aren’t skimping on the promotion, either. The artwork and logo are impressive.

And while the werewolf mascot might not seem scary to you, it was enough to frighten these cute Malaysian girls.

Registration opens tomorrow, so grab your ringgit and start booking your flight. The field is limited to 5,000.

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The Dangers of Being a Runner on TV

In real life, runners are constantly getting into dangerous situations, whether it’s animal encounters, or overzealous police, or muggers. But it’s even worse if you’re a runner on television.

On an episode of the Syfy series Being Human, a character goes out for a run to clear his head. This turns into a problem because he’s a werewolf and when he sees other runners, well, he is compelled to chase them.

Another Syfy series, Continuum, put a runner in jeopardy. As you can see from the beginning of this clip, a character attacks a man with a shovel. But the man he sees is a product of his fevered mind. We learn later he actually attacked an innocent jogger.

Finally, the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles, which has featured runners before, premiered its new season with an episode in which a female jogger is murdered and her baby kidnapped.

While cardio may protect you from zombies, I would suggest a little speedwork is in order for all other screen runners.

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Friday Five: Tech Tock

Here are five bits of technology to wear while running, or hold tech while running, or aid in your escapist fantasies while running.

1) The Smart Sensing Digital Shirt, or D-Shirt, has a GPS, heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, altimeter, and more sewn into its fabric.

2) Misfit now sells shirts and socks in which you can stow your Misfit Shine activity tracker.

3) BSX Athletics offers a wearable lactate threshold monitor that fits inside a calf compression sleeve.

4) Digital Trends lists the Best Headphones for Running.

5) BattleSuit Runner is a fitness game similar in concept to Zombies, Run!

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