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Hash Run Panic Shuts Down Singapore Train Station

Dateline – Singapore:

A running club today admitted leaving a trail of flour in a Singapore metro station which prompted a security scare and a three-hour shutdown of the station.

In a statement the Seletar Hash House Harriers, an all-male group that describes itself as a “drinking group with a running problem”, apologised for the “alarm and inconvenience” caused to the public.

…One of the group’s members, a 69-year-old man, was arrested for causing public alarm while two others, aged 59 and 70, are helping police with investigations.

This is a common hazard of hashing, with people more on edge than ever. This is the first time I have ever heard of an arrest being made. These guys even had to issue a press release.

Judging by their ages, these are veteran hashers and I hope they are not punished.

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The Latest Hash Run Panic Attack

For some reason we’re approaching an epidemic of people freaking out when they see evidence of a hash run. The latest episode occurred on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Some people see lines of white powder on their property and call the police. Some of us get a broom and dustpan.

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Bali Hosts Hash Run, Mass Massage

Not only is Bali an exotic and beautiful tourist destination, it also has an enthusiastic bunch of hash runners.

The island recently hosted the Asia Pacific Hash 2014 that included not only a run through “a hasher’s paradise with rice terraces, river gorges, waterfalls and rainforest,” but a world record for the largest mass massage, with 1,000 masseurs contributing their services.

Here’s an amazing photo of the event:

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Yet Another Hash Run Panic

Hashers the world over need to hold a massive press conference to explain their rituals. Once again there has been a public panic caused by the flour used to designate the hash route.

“We didn’t know whether it was poison or drugs. We didn’t know what it was,” said one citizen, who is clearly not a follower of William of Ockham.

Previous instances to make the news occurred in Scotland and Indiana.

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Hash Run Flour Causes Another Panic

This time in Scotland.

“Chalk’s a lot harder to use and also chalk hangs around a lot longer,” said hasher Brian Paterson. “Flour in Edinburgh either blows away or gets washed away in the rain. We did use sawdust during the anthrax scare.”

Just don’t switch to ravioli.

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Hash Runners Are the Latest Terrorist Threat

Dateline – Tippecanoe County, Indiana:

Tippecanoe County Commissioner Tom Murtaugh said investigators determined the white powder had been distributed “in bizarre shapes, like x’s and arrows.”

After tips from the public and viewing the parking garage surveillance video, police now believe the powder was placed by “runners who use flour to mark their running paths.”

Well, that’s one way of putting it.

No word yet on whether these villains are part of the same cabal as the infamous Pittsburgh Ravioli Bomber.

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Another Long Distance Pooch Story

Dion Leonard is an experienced ultra-marathoner, but he experienced something new during the Gobi March, a 250-kilometre run across mountain and desert areas around the region of Kashgar, China. He had an uninvited companion.

“I noticed this dog was at my feet and looking up at me and I’m thinking ‘I saw that dog yesterday walking around the campsite, that’s a bit odd’,” Leonard said.”I started to speed off and this little dog is looking up at me and I’m thinking ‘this dog won’t last the whole day’ but 25 miles I think we ran that day and she was still with me at the end.”

He continued with the pooch up hills and over rivers, handing her over to race officials only when it was unsafe for the dog to be out in the heat. But the pup, since named “Gobi,” was there at the finish.

Leonard wants to adopt Gobi and bring her to his home in Edinburgh, Scotland, but there are fees and quarantines to consider, so he’s raising funds to offset the costs under the hashtag “BringGobiHome.”

Gobi is only the latest in a long series of long-distance running pooches. Check out this previous Running Is Funny round-up.

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