Why We Love Ed Whitlock

Sure, he holds just about every old-age running record in the books, including being the only person to run a sub-3 hour marathon in his 70s – he did it twice – and yesterday setting a new mark for 85-year-olds by completing the Toronto Marathon in 3:56:33.

But the reason Ed Whitlock is so great is because he’s funny.

Here are a few quotes Whitlock uttered yesterday and today:

+ “My legs are shot today. I seemed to be OK yesterday after the marathon, walking around and that sort of thing, but rigor mortis has set in now.”

+ (about his beat-up running shoes) “I wear them well past their due date.”

+ (asked about the age of his singlet)  “I don’t know. (long pause.) Maybe 30 years? Older than my shoes.”

+ ” I ran too fast, really, at the beginning of the race. I swear I’ll never do that and I always do it.”

Here’s Ed being interviewed at the finish by Canadian Running magazine.