Time Flies

I just discovered a novel way to increase speed.

I got a late start to my five-miler this morning. Today’s forecast high is 96 degrees. Yes, in mid-October.

About 3.5 miles in, running a route on the edge of some farmland, I was soaked in sweat and being bothered by a couple of flies.

At least I thought it was a couple of flies. As I looked around, it was a pretty sizable swarm circling me.

They weren’t doing me any harm, but they did appear to be attracted to my sweat. Swinging my arms had no effect on them. Outside of the annoyance, I didn’t want to look to passers-by like a garbage truck careening down the street.

So I took off in a sprint. And they took off after me.

I’m demented, so it turned into a test of wills. I kept going faster and further. The swarm seemed to diminish but I covered the entire 1.5 remaining miles before I ditched them all.

I then discovered I had run my fastest five-miler in five months.

As welcome news as this was, I think I’ll make sure I get out there in the cooler hours of the morning from now on.