Catastrophe Averted: Runners Will Get Jelly Babies

Fiona Warren of the U.K. supported the first Ealing Half Marathon by standing outside her home at about mile 12 with a bowl of jelly babies for the runners. They were quickly gobbled up so she put out an appeal this year for assistance so she wouldn’t run out.

Richie Jones, the manager of The Lord Nelson Pub, will be running the race and he pitched in immediately.

”I have just staggered from my car to the house with no less than 33kg of jelly babies,” said Fiona. “I probably have one for every man, woman and child in Ealing. I am fully jelly baby enabled. A huge thank you to Richie.”

Jelly babies are great, but Richie knows what tired half-marathoners really want. He is offering a free drink at the pub to every finisher.