Happy New Age Group Day!

Today is my 55th birthday, the most important detail of which is that if a race has five-year age groups, I’ll be one of the youngest ones in the 55-59 category. Why doesn’t Hallmark have greeting cards for this?

I seriously thought this would be a racing opportunity for me, but after a bit of results research I discovered I’m about as far away from an AG award as ever. But I did find something to cheer me up.

When you start approaching the age group upper stratosphere, your main achievement is no longer your speed, or your position relative to other age groupers; it’s that you’re out there at all. My research turned up a very large difference in size between the 50-54 group and the 55-59 group.

Here is the shrinkage from some of the races I ran in 2013: 39 down to 18; 211 to 121; 472 to 319; 11 to 7 and 12 to 7.

If you’re competitive at all, it’s tough to find yourself inexorably slowing as you age, but there is enormous gratification in finding yourself still running while others are dropping away. I’m very thankful I’m healthy enough to continue and, God willing, plan to be shuffling along into the 60-64 group.