No Limo at This Prom

Jill over at tipped me off to the ultimate in weird road races: the Bad Prom 5k! As repayment, I offer up this prom photo I’m sure she’ll enjoy:

Anyway, the Bad Prom 5k includes all the iconic features that make proms the cultural horror they are: strange formal wear, sappy themes (“Take your picture under the trellis in the Titanic, frolic through the ‘snow’ in our Winter Wonderland, bask in the underwater glow Under the Sea, and be the hero of your own story in Fairytale Romance”), and of course a dance party with music long banished from your iTunes playlist. Oh, and it might be tacky to put “Under the Sea” right after “Titanic.”

Hopefully the race will omit such hallmarks of prom as underage drinking, public vomiting and unwanted pregnancy. Ah, the good old days!