Today’s Running Tip: Never Flip the Bird to Zuma

Dateline – Johannesburg:

Political science student Chumani Maxwele is suing the state for R1.4 million for wrongful arrest.

He was detained in February 2010 and quizzed about his political affiliations after showing a rude hand sign to a convoy carrying President Jacob Zuma, while jogging.

“The rifle bag was placed on (Maxwele’s) head so as to eliminate the possibility of him seeing the route that the president uses to get to his residence,” lawyers for [Police Minister] Mthethwa reportedly said in the court papers.

“This was done purely as a security mechanism.”

The Sunday Times reported that, according to the state lawyers, Maxwele’s hands were also cable-tied behind his back for “his own safety.”

Maxwele had to spend the night in jail dressed only in his running shorts and a vest. He’s suing for what amounts to $142,000 U.S.