Can You Look Too Good After a Marathon?

Since it’s jolly olde England, it’s only appropriate to have a tempest in a teapot after the London Marathon. It seems Jan Moir, a columnist for the Daily Mail, got a little worked up when she saw singer Katherine Jenkins, who had just finished the race in 5:26.

“The really amazing thing is that she did it all looking like a perfectly groomed pin-up every single step of the way,” Moir wrote. “She did it looking as fresh and crisp as a frosted, coral-coloured rose from beginning to end.”

But Moir didn’t stop there. In a tirade of epic length, she went on:

Among all the runners at the start of the race on Sunday, 32-year-old Katherine was uniquely red carpet magnifico. Her biscuity maquillage was flawless. Hosed on, as they say in the trade. The building trade.

She had lashings of pink lip gloss, sooty false eyelashes and sweeping, coal black eyeliner. Not to mention a perfect silvery manicure, those ever-tanned limbs, her blonde hair pulled back into an immaculate ponytail and raisin-sized diamonds in her ears.

Jenkins took to Twitter to defend herself, greatly exceeding 140 characters, then to the BBC, and The Guardian and fellow celebrity marathoner Amy Childs also took Moir to task.

And while Jenkins does look like she was ready for a marathon photo shoot, rather than a marathon…

…I think she should be applauded rather than criticized for looking good afterwards…

If it worked for Zeddie Little, why not for Katherine Jenkins?