Running Stuff of the Month Club

Here’s an unusual idea from StrideBox. You pay them $15 a month, and every month you receive a box of running-related stuff – “products including, but not limited to: nutritional bars, gels, drinks, snacks, apparel, gadgets, skincare, health, apps and music, as well as other accessories.”

Old-timers like me will recognize these items as stuff you used to get when you registered for road races – swag bags full of running-related goodies. Alas, those days are mostly gone for good.

Even if you’re not that hopped up to try the service, the folks at StrideBox seem to have put together a pretty good blog.

And I guess there’s no better opportunity than now to mention that I am not a customer of, investor in, or friend with Stridebox. On those rare occasions when I receive some nominal benefit from someone or something I write about, I mention it in context. Sorry to have to get all disclaimery there, but I’m not here to pitch stuff, just to give you something fun to read.