Better Check Adrian Peterson for Concussion

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is not only a superstar football player, but he’s an inspiration, running for the second highest yardage total ever a year after tearing two knee ligaments.

That being said, Peterson must be a bit woozy if he really believes, as he told Yahoo! Sports, that he wants to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in the 200 and 400 meters and beat Usain Bolt.

Considering what he has already accomplished, it’s tough to bet against Peterson. But the Wall Street Journal provides a dose of reality with its story, “Is Adrian Peterson Nuts to Want to Beat Bolt? In a Word, Yes.”

Not only will Peterson be 31 years old in 2016, but his best sprint times probably wouldn’t even qualify him for the team. It’s only slightly less ridiculous than Bolt playing NFL football.