The Marathon Experience Without Leaving Your Couch

I don’t know if International Running Stars is actually, as the web site claims, the “first marathon video game” or even if it’s any good, but I admit being greatly amused by how many elements of a real marathon it includes: the crowded pack, the stretches with few or no spectators, the aid stations, and the opportunity to miss the turn for the half-marathon course and find yourself running the full.

The official trailer fails to give you a real sense of what the game is like, but fortunately several early adopters have already posted YouTube videos of gameplay. Here’s one that shows an aid station and the course turn.

You even get to raise your arms for the finish line photo and soak in the applause of the crowd.

This is a game screaming for mods like porta-potty lines, costumed runners, hecklers, Gallowalkers, discarded GU packets, puking and BodyGlide. Who needs Halo 4?