Outpost of the Odd’s London Marathon Roundup

Some love the circus midway, but here we love the sideshows. Here are links to the weird and wonderful from Sunday’s London Marathon:

* The London race is the top destination for those desiring a strange Guinness world record, including Fastest Marathon in a Two-Person Pantomime Costume.

* The pantomime horse outran London Evening Standard columnist David Cohen, who wins our vote for best pre-race preparation:

I went to bed early, having watched the film 127 Hours — about a man who saws off his arm with a blunt penknife when a boulder falls on him — to get me in the mood, but I was so excited I couldn’t sleep until 5am.

* Best Obscure Factoid – Six percent of race entrants were teachers. How do they know that? Are you required to list your occupation when you register? I hope not, because…

* …the marathon web site accidentally allowed anyone access to the home address and e-mails of every participant, including (gasp!) celebrities like Gordon Ramsay.

* Dawn Williams lost a running shoe in the crowd at the start and was forced to borrow one from a spectator. She finished in 3:45.

* 101-year-old Fauja Singh completed the race in 7:50 and promptly retired from marathoning. What? And give up guaranteed age-group awards?

* The London Marathon is famous for its fancy dress participants. The Mirror has a nice photo gallery, including this guy in full Stormtrooper gear.