Cat Marathon a Purim Spiel Fit for the Internet

I’m a good Catholic boy, but today’s article in the Jerusalem Post introduced me to the concept of the Purim spiel. Satirical or prank stories similar to those published on April Fool’s Day have become a ritual of the Jewish holiday.

But since it is common knowledge that cats run the Internet, it was only appropriate that this year’s spiel was the announcement of a cat marathon in Jerusalem:

In addition to the full 42.2 km race, there will also be garbage scavenging events, a dog chase, and a community tuna-eating contest, the mayor announced at the dumpster on Agrippas Street next to the shuk, the central meeting point for street cats in the capital.

…Feline activists were quick to denounce the event as a sneaky attempt to rid the city of homeless cats.

“This is just another attempt by the mayor to run us around the city, and after 42 kilometers it’s clear that many of us will be too exhausted and confused to find their way back to their home garbage bins,” said Srulik Hatula, a tan tabby who is the president of the “Cats Are People too, Or Maybe Not People, But They Have Rights, Wait, Is That a Chicken Bone Over There?” cat activist group. He spoke through a translator imported from Tel Aviv who understands cat.

The Gaza Marathon, on the other hand, while arguably “the strangest marathon in the world,” is not a spiel.