The Carnival of Running #113

Welcome to the 113th edition of The Carnival of Running!

My apologies for the hiatus. Let’s play catch-up. If you like motivational videos, Nike’s “Destroy Yesterday” ad is for you:

As college competitions go, the 10-hour Treadmill-a-Thon beats swallowing goldfish and stuffing people into phone booths (I’m old, but not that old).

The Running Is Funny charter forbids me to pass up poop jokes, even if they’re unintentional.

Old Dude of the Week is 94-year-old Peng Hung-nian, who ran up the 2,000 steps of the world’s second-tallest building in 53:38.

Little Girl of the Week is 8-year-old Katarina Nikolovski, who ran the Indianapolis One America Mini 500 Half-Marathon in 2:25.

Last month’s Bay to Breakers was tamer than in the past, thanks to a crackdown on drunkenness, which explains why this bear with beer looks busted.

Some of you younger folks probably don’t remember the late George Plimpton, but he was a journalist who would try out various jobs – like football quarterback and trapeze artist – and then write about his experiences. But he never attempted a triathlon on three days training.

The “rabbit” at the Pittsburgh Marathon held onto his lead and won the race, and Sarah Hallas won the Windsor Green Half Marathon outright, finishing ahead of the fastest male.

Here’s a damning analysis of track and field’s status as a national sport. Very worthwhile reading.

This week’s linky love goes out to Running and the City. Minus points if you ask “What city?” I also want to welcome back Rhea of Personal Velocity. The blogosphere missed you!

That’s all for this week, friends. Happy Birthday, Scott Adams! Few people know I was the inspiration for Single-Task Bob. Submit your posts to Until next time, run away!