Men Have Worn Running Skirts for Centuries

And the proof is from last week’s Scotland Run 10k in New York City.

The race is an annual event put on by New York Road Runners in partnership with the Scottish government for Tartan Week.

A kilt wasn’t required for the race, but Carlos Lopez went the distance – in costume as well as running.

Then there was Carlos Lopez, 30, from the Bronx. He went full Braveheart. He had the kilt. He had the wig. He had the face paint. There were unconfirmed reports that he carried a club, but photographic evidence suggests not. He finished in 40:49.

“I was worried about the updraft, but it went OK,” Lopez said. “Honestly, I ran about 10 seconds faster than I usually do. Gravity will take care of everything, but chafing is big. You better lube up.”