Make That Junior High School Track Girl

Last week I regaled you with my 1500 meter exploits at the Pacific Association 2009 Summer All Comers Series track meet. Now that the official results are in, it’s time to correct the record:

1) Of the 153 finishers in all the track events, exactly 22 were at or above the legal drinking age in California.

2) Had I instead run the 3000 meters as I had planned, I still would have been 4th, but I would have finished ahead of three other runners.

3) The two kids who led the way in the 1500 meters were 18 and 17 years old. The winner ran 4:28 flat.

4) The runner I referred to as the “older guy” was 49 years old. He ran a 5:39. He’s also a founding member of a local running club and his marathon PR is 2:55.

5) My official time was 6:09.24.

6) High School Track Girl turned out to be 12 years old.

That’s pretty sobering stuff. So if there is ever an “all comers” meet in your area, prepare to be humbled.

I’m headed down to San Diego for a week. I have time for one last training run before Saturday’s 15k on Coronado. I’m going back to playing with kids my own age.