The Carnival of Running #34

Welcome to the 34th edition of The Carnival of Running!

This week’s video explains how to avoid running injuries.

Because last week’s carnival featured a list of the least motivational running songs, I wanted to give a tip of the hat to Zero to Boston, who posted a list of “songs to not run by” back in 2006.

If you enjoy watching major marathons on TV, there’s good news. NBC will increase its coverage of the New York City Marathon, both locally and nationally.

I gave you a heads-up last week about the agenda behind the Runner’s World Marathon Challenge, and evidently there is plenty of money to go around.

A Running Is Funny salute to Robert Matteson, who will be competing at the Green Mountain Senior Games in Burlington, Vermont, next week at age 93, to Frank Ruehl, who’ll be running Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday in Duluth, Minnesota, at age 90, and to Mike Fremont, who is waiting for confirmation that his sub-six-hour marathon at the Flying Pig set a world record for 87-year-olds.

A separate tip of the hat to Perry Romanowski, who may be Just Your Average Joggler, but he is singular enough to be worthy of a profile in the New York Times.

Tired of getting your carbs during a race from GU? Finally, someone realized what you really want is cold beer in a tube! Stuffing one of those in your shorts could lead to some commotion, however.

Astronaut Sunita Williams describes what it’s like to run on a treadmill in space and details the features of the new COLBERT treadmill, to be carried up to the International Space Station by the shuttle Discovery this August.

Maybe you’ll never get a chance to run in outer space, but how about running a race in cyberspace?

Or you could run in a state of nature at one of Oregon’s various clothing-optional races.

Reporter Julie Deardorff asks whether charity runners are being properly trained for their marathons, which prompted The Chronicle of Philanthropy to look into it from the charity’s point of view.

These high-heel races are really catching on.

The best part of running this site is coming across blogs I didn’t know about. Have a look at Runnin on Full and Going the Distance.

Nicole Adamson lists 10 celebrities who have run a marathon, and 5 who should.

Last week I posted dozens of examples of what running is like. Now you can add: running is like a job search.

Meet The Running Yogis! Considering my frequent injuries, I’m more qualified for The Running Boo Boos.

That’s all for this time, friends. Submit your posts to Now run away!