The Carnival of Running #32 – National Running Day Edition

Welcome to the 32nd edition of The Carnival of Running!

It’s National Running Day, which for us is about as exciting as National Breathing Day, so save your energy for Friday, which is National Doughnut Day! You’ll need your stamina.

If you didn’t see Tyson Gay destroy an all-star field at the Reebok Grand Prix, here’s video of the race.

The Nike Mile featured a host of elite runners, but a lot of attention was also paid to seventh-grader Paige Rice, who finished in 5:00.56.

Ben Passons takes on some running myths, but he should spend some time with Tara Parker-Pope at the New York Times, who unintentionally reopened the Gallowalking can of worms. For the record, anything that gets you through the distance on your own two legs is OK in my book, but anyone who gets faster from Gallowalking must have been pretty bad at pacing before trying it.

However, Gina Kolata of the Times has something better: the fact that there are a lot of people giving running advice who don’t know what they’re talking about. Meanwhile, Andrew W. Lehren writes about a little-examined topic: runners who DNF.

The London Evening Standard has a review of various running programs, but my favorite was the Trainer 5k app for the iPhone. The columnist mentions the voice told her “Run for three minutes” and she kept going and going and going… until she realized she had inadvertently hit the pause button.

Alas, I was unable to participate in the Great Kilted Run last week, but it did bring to mind the saga of The Scotsman, by Brian Bowers.

A Gannett newswire story simply wanted to let us know that people 50 years of age and older can benefit from strenuous exercise, but despite two attempts, they can’t get their comma placement quite right, and the commenters are letting them have it.

The San Diego Union-Tribune just has to remind us how damnably slow marathoners are these days.

The Bleacher Report interviews the founder of a running club and asks, “Speaking of cravings, you haven’t gone for a run in a week, and you haven’t had sex in a week, which do you crave more?”

Lots of news about elite runners in this Boston Globe story, including the tidbit that Kara Goucher will “run another marathon this year before trying to start a family.” Maybe hubby was doing speedwork while she needed long, slow distance.

Jeff, who is some young guy who runs, reminds us that Life Isn’t Over at 40. Check out his blog.

Japan Running News has an item about a proposed marathon course, about half of which will be through an underwater tunnel. I’ve had a few races where I thought I was six feet underground, but this would be a new experience.

How about a blanket review of every running book that has been published recently?

The Running Moron gets eyeballed on the treadmill.

Over at Slow Runnings we learn that it’s tough to do push-ups when you have arms like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Run DMZ clues us in about Racevine, a site devoted entirely to race reviews. Worth a look.

Who is carpeviam? We still don’t know, but she is evidently one of several dishy women.

Finally, congratulations to Carlee at Chasing Forrest Gump and Chic Runner for their marathon finishes, but Chic Runner gets a bonus for her misspelled autograph from Ryan Hall!

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