The Carnival of Running #31

Welcome to the 31st edition of The Carnival of Running!

This is the only race where I’d prefer the uphill leg, and the volunteers suffer just as much as the runners:

Here’s a story from Rochester, Minnesota, I’m ashamed to say I found hilarious:

“Police officers in Rochester have found a missing Med-City Marathon runner after issuing several emergency alerts on the radio.

“Officers tell us that they received a report of a disoriented and possibly lost runner who may have been suffering from heat stroke.

“When she didn’t cross the finish line, they were worried for her safety and launched a city-wide search.

“The 27-year-old woman was found less than a half hour later when she crossed the finish line.”

This crabby columnist from The Guardian says, “It wasn’t long ago that running a marathon was the ultimate hard-nut badge of honour. Now every TV presenter and her manicurist has run the course, you have to do it wearing chainmail if you really want to prove something, preferably finishing several days after the race began.”

The New York Times will be running a series of personal marathon stories. The paper also had an interview with Kara Goucher about first marathons. She gave solid advice if not particularly insightful. And the Times added a product review of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

Marathoner Ryan Hall gets advice from an old hippie.

Here’s an article that suggests you can blog your way to running success. If only it were true.

There’s always a lot of advice out there about what to eat before running, but Wesley Korir doesn’t pay any attention to it. He won the Los Angeles Marathon in 2:08:24 after his usual pre-race meal – a six-inch Subway tuna sub.

In the future you may be able to walk into a store and purchase a pair of personalized running shoes. Even better, “With the elastomeric zp15e powder and a flexible infiltrant, you can get a range of performance depending on the exact urethane product you use to infuse the parts,” says Joe Titlow, director of product management at Z Corp. “A shore hardness range of 20A to 70A is achievable, typically with 100-200 percent elongation.” It’s a worthy goal to achieve 100-200 percent elongation in all aspects of your life.

What’s the point of having a Night of the Ninja 5k and no one posts any photos? Oh well, at least we have a race report from

Running humor is not for amateurs. The proof is the spectator at the Ottawa Marathon holding a sign that read, “Hey… Who Fartleked?”

Zennie62 has a full race report and video of the Bay to Breakers.

Ben Stiller thinks Tom Cruise is one of the best “screen runners.” I think it’s a tie between this guy and this guy.

Here’s some good advice about how to avoid common running injuries.

What do you think should happen to runners who don’t follow race rules? I’m for summary execution, myself.

And for those of you have been on pins and needles waiting for the results of The Great Funny/Viper Challenge, well, it wasn’t much of a contest. Here’s my race report and concession speech, and here is Viper’s race report and gloat.

Fortunately I have an opportunity to salvage some pride. I have to be in San Diego on business the first week of July, and as luck would have it, there is an Independence Day 15k on Coronado. This will be my first 15k, so my goal is to beat Viper’s PR of 1:20:24, which he set in March.

Yep, it’s like Ryun vs. Liquori all over again!

That’s all for this time, friends. Submit your posts to Now run away!