Gerrymander Meander

I much prefer keeping political causes away from running, but I thought this was a clever event. Common Cause in Maryland is sponsoring a “Gerrymander Meander” more or less around the perimeter of the state’s 3rd Congressional District. For those unfamiliar with the term, a gerrymander is when district boundaries are drawn to crowd minority party voters into as few districts as possible, so that the majority party easily wins elections everywhere else. This is what the 3rd District looks like:

About two dozen cyclists and runners will cover the 225 miles in two phases. The first 206 miles will be covered in 36 hours, followed by a 19-mile run to and around Annapolis.

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Running Is a Good Investment, Literally

A study from the Social Science Research Network concludes that “companies with CEOs who had completed a marathon in a particular year had higher market value than others.”

Researchers found that companies run by marathon runners were, on average, 5 per cent more valuable than other companies and this higher value was linked to the fact that healthier, fitter CEOs made better business decisions.

“Fitness moderates stress and increases cognitive and job performance. Thus, it should be relevant for CEOs as they face high levels of demands and responsibilities, particular work stress and physical requirements,” the study says. The researchers go as far as to say that a CEO’s fitness level should guide or influence shareholders’ investing decisions and the company’s hiring choices.

Marathoning seems to make sense for some of the CEOs named, like Bill Perez of Nike. Others seem counter-intuitive, like Greg Brenneman of Burger King.

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The Last Men’s Race?

The Men’s 10K in Scotland was canceled due to lack of corporate sponsors.

Women’s races, on the other hand, are thriving.

There are some who might consider this unfair, but it has more to do with the difference between the sexes when it comes to road races. There is clearly a large number of women who enjoy running exclusively (or almost) with other women.

However, the number of dudes who want to run only with other dudes is pretty small. Consequently, this turn of events is merely the invisible hand of the marketplace and not a battle of the gender wars.

This social and economic analysis is brought to you by Running Is Funny. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Photos from the Origin of the Amazon Marathon

Saturday was the third running of the Origin of the Amazon Marathon. The starting line was atop the mountain peak of Quehuisha in Peru, at more than 17,000 feet elevation. This is where the Amazon River begins.

Running Is Funny has some exclusive photos from the race, which was won by a previously unknown marathoner going by the name “T. Gillman.” Gillman’s victory was especially noteworthy, as he started the race in the back of the pack, as illustrated by this photo of the start.

The marathon has a strange tradition, based on a misunderstanding of the Wellesley College “scream tunnel” during the Boston Marathon. Here we see Gillman carry off a co-ed while she’s screaming.

Reaching the finish line along the Amazon River, Gillman doesn’t receive a simple winner’s plaque or laurel wreath, but the scuba diver of his choice.

Next up for Gillman? The Black Lagoon Triathlon. He expects to excel in the swim, but his choice of bike may not pass muster with race officials.

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It was not a good week in the “runners vs. flying, stinging insects” wars.

In Michigan, 10 members of a middle school cross country team were stung by bees while on a trail run. Apparently one of them stepped on a nest.

Paramedics were called but none of the students needed treatment.

Meanwhile, one can be forgiven for thinking authorities in the Czech Republic take this things way too seriously after reading this headline: “Helicopter deployed after hornets attack race.”

But it turns out the helicopter was needed not to fight off the hornets, but to deliver emergency aid to 30 runners in an orienteering race who had been attacked by an angry swarm.

Four participants were taken to a hospital.

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Friday Five: Things You Should Know Before You Date An Athletic Guy

The inspiration for this list was a piece written for Thought Catalog by Ella Cerón titled, “17 Things You Should Know Before You Date An Athletic Girl.”

1) Go ahead and stare at his butt all you want.

2) Even better, tell him you were staring at his butt.

3) Then tell him the only reason you stopped staring at his butt was because his legs look so good.

4) He likes working out for himself, but mostly because he wants you to stare at his butt.

5) He wants your friends to approve of him, so let them stare at his butt, too.

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Jet Lag

So students at Arizona State University have come up with a jetpack to make you run faster. Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark to see it in action.

Running Is Funny had this idea ages ago. In a 2008 post about “How to Run Faster,” I suggested attaching JATO bottles. Here is what it looks like.

Much more impressive and effective, wouldn’t you say? By the way, does the runner really need the motorcycle helmet? If he wants to wear a helmet, it should definitely look like this.

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