Mutant All-Stars Track & Field

For the person who likes movies, comics, running and retro video games comes a promotional gimmick from the producers of X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s Mutant All-Stars Track & Field!

You’ll easily win the 100-meter dash and quickly master the high jump, but the javelin throw is challenging. Strangely enough, the mutant all-stars aren’t even half as mutanty as QWOP.

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Flamingos, Witches and Cheats

We covered the weirdest London Marathon costumes last week, but there were three more outfits that deserve mention:

1) Sucre-Gorge ran a 5:43 dressed as a pink flamingo, which is likely a world record. He also participates in cycling races in a modified flamingo costume.

2) Nicola Nuttall ran a 3:31 dressed as a witch, which is also likely a word record since she filled the requirements of a hat with a wide brim, a long dress and a broom.

3) Finally, there’s Natasha Argent, who apparently dressed as Usain Bolt, since she ran the second 20k of the race in 48 minutes, after running the first 20k in 2:17:30. Her amazing negative splits prompted an investigation, after which she reportedly returned the medal she so proudly posed with.


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Friday Five: Weirdest London Marathon Costumes

Kenya and Ethiopia may have the fastest marathoners, but no one matches the Brits when it comes to running in costume. Here are the more inventive outfits from last week’s London Marathon.

1) Gorilla suits are too pedestrian. This guy is caged by a gorilla.

2) When dinosaurs ruled the Earth, they stuck to short distances.

3) This guy brought his karaoke machine…

4) …which was bad news for this guy.

5) If your singlet was getting ripe after 20 miles, you could visit this guy.

Bonus) Jesus Christ…

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A Salute to the Young and the Old

Half-marathon magic from both ends of the age spectrum. Twelve-year-old LeeAdianez Rodriguez completed a half-marathon in Rochester, New York… by mistake. The local news had the story.

Then there’s the amazing Ed Whitlock. The 85-year-old world record holder in a multitude of age groups completed the Waterloo Half-Marathon in 1:50:47, setting yet another one. Here he is.

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How Would You Stack Up?

“Chew as little as possible.”

That’s the advice of Canadian Running columnist and new female world record-holder Jessica Kuepfer as she completed the Pancake Mile in a bubbling 7:08.

As you’ve probably guessed, the Pancake Mile is similar to the Beer Mile in that you consume a pancake, run a quarter-mile, then repeat three more times.

Each lovely disk of fluffiness must be “a standard pancake” of at least 50 grams. Maple syrup is optional.

And while I would love to see Flap Jack take on this event, I expect that next-level breakfast food racing will come from the folks at RunDisney, who could probably make yet another fortune by sponsoring the Tonga Toast Mile. Now that’s a real challenge!

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Prince Was Not a Runner

I don’t want to be the only web site without a Prince-related post. So, as far as I can determine, Prince did not run (although he did have an album called HITnRUN), except for this one occasion when he was being chased by three young women.

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From the Depths of Hell to Viral Video Heaven

This video was so inspiring I went out and ran my fastest mile in almost three years. You’ll need to watch it twice, because the first time you won’t notice University College Cork runner Phil Healy until the very end. The second viewing will show you the remarkable gap she made up to win the Irish Universities Athletics Association Womens 4 x 400m Relay for UCC.

A screenshot shows Healy trailing by about 50 meters with 250 meters to go in the race. Healy’s at the far right.


The excitement of the announcers only adds to the experience, as they describe Healy coming back “from the depths of hell” to overtake the leaders. And yes, it’s a hashtag.

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