Super Pants

“A tethered soft exosuit reduces the metabolic cost of running by 5% in a Wyss study funded by the DARPA Warrior Web program.”

Also, tethering your shorts to a moving vehicle reduces the metabolic cost of running by 100%.

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You Cannot Beat the Freeze, Bro


UPDATE: already trying to unmask The Freeze.

2nd UPDATE: The Freeze dusts another bro despite stumbling at the start.

3rd UPDATE: The Freeze unmasked! Apparently it’s Nigel Talton, who was a pretty good collegiate runner and had a GoFundMe page in an effort to get to the Rio Olympics in 2016. Now he’s more famous than anyone who actually went.

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Cool or Depressing?

Nike has built a 200-meter track – shaped like a shoe, of course – in Manila that is surrounded by LED lights and a wall upon which an avatar of your previous lap is projected. You can then race against yourself, or at least yourself’s last lap.

It might bring a momentary sense of accomplishment to beat your last lap, but since that becomes your new benchmark, you’re doomed to chasing yourself until you inevitably watch your past self leave you in the dust. For someone my age, that’s too gloomy a metaphor for my actual running history.

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What It’s Like

This is what it’s like to run a marathon after 12 weeks of training

What It’s Like To Run An Ultramarathon, Minute By Agonizing Minute

Are the Nike Vapormax Worth the Hype? Here’s What It’s Like to Run in Them

What It’s Like to Write a Funny Running Blog

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Hash Run Panic Shuts Down Singapore Train Station

Dateline – Singapore:

A running club today admitted leaving a trail of flour in a Singapore metro station which prompted a security scare and a three-hour shutdown of the station.

In a statement the Seletar Hash House Harriers, an all-male group that describes itself as a “drinking group with a running problem”, apologised for the “alarm and inconvenience” caused to the public.

…One of the group’s members, a 69-year-old man, was arrested for causing public alarm while two others, aged 59 and 70, are helping police with investigations.

This is a common hazard of hashing, with people more on edge than ever. This is the first time I have ever heard of an arrest being made. These guys even had to issue a press release.

Judging by their ages, these are veteran hashers and I hope they are not punished.

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Running Hazards of the Week


…and dinosaurs.

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Run the Axis of Evil Challenge!

For those of you perhaps too young to remember (or too old to remember anything), in 2002 President Bush referred to Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the “axis of evil.” With Saddam’s regime gone, I guess we’re down to two, and by strange coincidence both of them held a marathon within 48 hours of each other.

The marathon in Teheran made the news because the government would not allow female runners on the same route as the men. The women were also required to wear hijab and photographers were not allowed to take pictures of them.

Nothing that outrageous occurred during the Pyongyang Marathon, though I always thought North Korea’s best sport was golf.

It occurred to me that while running one or the other of these races would be enough of a conversation starter, running both on the same weekend would raise you to social media godhood.

Who’s up for it? The first runner to complete the Axis of Evil Challenge will be featured on this very page. If that’s not enough to get you to visit two totalitarian countries in two days, I don’t know what is.

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