Run, Fish, Beer

That’s the slogan for the Rocky Mountain Flyathlon, a race that combines the rarely combined activities of rugged trail running, fly fishing and craft beer drinking.

This video from last year’s race shows you how it works.

The August 15 race is sold out, but you can track the fun on Facebook.

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Boy, Are Our Faces Red!

There have been a lot of supremely bad ideas in the world of road racing, but the organizers of a 5k to accompany the Pioneer Days event in Harrodsburg, Kentucky lowered the bar to record levels.

Last year, the James Ray 5K Indian Attack apparently went off without controversy, but this year’s race, scheduled for August 15, caught the eye of Native Americans and concerned citizens everywhere. The race promotions promised “Native American reenactors painted in redface will chase runners into an imitation fort.” The photo above¬†depicts a reenactor and the fort.

After many outraged comments on their Facebook page, the organizers scalped pulled the Indian attack portion of the race and issued a statement, though not an apology.

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Never Forget the Enormous Elephant Run

We’ve seen runners dressed as gorillas, rhinos, sumos and Santas, but the Enormous Elephant Run features – you guessed it – elephants. The race benefits the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Here’s a video from the 2014 race.

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World’s Most Famous Runner (This Week): Ymre Stiekema

Dutch model Ymre Stiekema did an ad for Bugaboo, which makes high-end baby strollers. Stiekema is an avid runner and mom of a two-year-old. What caused some Internet uproar is whether this photo is representative of moms who run with two-year-olds in baby strollers.


So there was the typical social media storm where the first wave denounced the image and the second wave denounced the denouncers, resulting in press coverage in places as diverse as Vogue and Business Insider.

The bikini is a bit much, but photos of Ymre in more traditional running gear probably wouldn’t douse the controversy.

The best bet is to look at her running without the stroller, in the dark, and completely covered up. Feel better?

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Run Like an X-Man!

Here’s the Recon Jet – glasses with a heads-up display for runners.

I’ll buy a pair when they include the upgrade to optical energy beams.

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Chaffree Needs Rewrite

Because of my worldwide reputation as reviewer of running underwear, I often receive press releases about such products. The latest was headlined:

Thigh Chafing Shorts For Men and Women

I don’t know if this was an unfortunate error or simply counter-intuitive marketing, because the last thing I need is shorts that chafe my thighs. Besides, I can get those anywhere.

As it turns out, Chaffree sells shorts that don’t chafe your thighs. Here are the men’s shorts:

I’m pretty sure there are no red arrows on the actual shorts. The women’s¬†shorts don’t have them, but they do apparently require math.

If you really need something to eliminate thigh-chafing, wear what I wear.

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Now that Windows 10 is almost upon us, let me veer off-topic to ask: What does one do when Windows Update won’t update?

After a barrage of updates on May 12, my Windows Update keeps checking for updates endlessly but never finds one. I’ve scoured the Internet and applied literally dozens of of remedies, all to no avail. I’ve restored my systems to before May 12. Nope.

This week’s “emergency security update” was the last straw. Apparently nothing can be done without an operational Windows Update. I’ve spent much of the last two days working on this and now I’m asking why.

My Chromebook never needs to do any of this, starts up and shuts down in seconds, and works faster than my more powerful desktop.

So, dear readers, I ask if any of you have made the switch from Windows to Chrome on your desktop PC, and how did it work out? What was the biggest limitation? What aspects of Windows did you miss and what workarounds were necessary?

One last question: Can you punt an operating system?

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