Remember Sneakers?

That’s what they were called before we got all worked up and demanded they be called running shoes. Of course, I’m so damn old I remember when jeans were called dungarees.

Anyway, that came to mind when I spotted this old video ad for Diesel Sneakers. This weekend, don’t just run. Kick ass.

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Video Roundup: Ladies Day

Running women are the focus of this week’s videos, beginning with Sh*t Girls Think About While Running.

We’ll put the cheesecake in the middle.

And finish with this fierce woman runner ad from Adidas.

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Music for 10,000 Meters

The New York Times had a story about a unique event. University of Oregon School of Music and Dance professor Brian McWhorter was commissioned to write and perform a musical score for the 10,000 meter race at the I.A.A.F. World Junior Championships.

The story details the problems McWhorter faced in coming up with something that had the right tempo, wasn’t too ear-wiggy, and avoided bright percussion that could be mistaken for starting guns or final lap bells.

It got me to thinking about what music I would like to accompany my distance runs. After much analysis, there could be only one answer.

How about you? What musical score would be perfect for your pace and running style?

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Over on the pages of the Huffington Post, masters runner Jason Saltmarsh wants to start a trend with “Runners, Grow Your #MarathonBeard.”

Here’s how it works:

1) You commit to running a fall marathon (check)

2) You stop shaving (easy enough)

3) Post pics to your social networks with #MarathonBeard

He’s even got a nifty logo.

There’s an obvious limitation to this campaign, and Saltmarsh realizes it – it leaves out half the population.

“Ladies, you probably won’t want to take part in this one, but maybe your man will to show his support for you,” he suggests.

That’s weak! I have a much better plan. Ladies, stop shaving your legs for your fall marathon!

No, I don’t have a weird fetish. I simply learned from last week’s press coverage that hairy legs are apparently some sort of empowering political statement for women.

And you get your choice of logos for the #MarathonLegs campaign, depending on whether you think it’s empowering or not. This one…

…or this one.


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More Powerful Than a Locomotive?

On Friday, two runners from RunKeeper‘s offices in Boston will race against an unusual opponent – the Green Line train.

They were inspired to try by this viral GIF of Rita Jeptoo outrunning the train during the Boston Marathon.

The race will be live-streamed on YouTube and live-tweeted with the hashtag #OutRuntheT.

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Search for Perfect Runner’s Food Falls Just Short

Some guys in Vermont are developing an in-race fuel for runners and other athletes that almost hits the mark.

Of course we love maple syrup. But why? Because we put it on DELICIOUS FLUFFY PANCAKES, THAT’S WHY! We need to incorporate the maple syrup into portable pancakes for runners. These culinary engineering students at Carnegie Mellon University are just about there.

We’re soooo close to merging pancakes with running, don’t bonk right before the finish line!

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What Impresses a Ninja Warrior Woman

If you have an Internet connection, you probably have already seen Kacy Catanzaro become the first woman to complete the qualifying course on NBC’s American Ninja WarriorHer achievement was pretty amazing.

So what does this badass woman think is badass? Believe it or not, she’s blown away by runners.

Do you find running boring? I know I do.

[Laughs.] I definitely don’t wanna offend the runners out there and say that it’s boring, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing to do just because … we don’t go out and run as a workout. I am very amazed by the runners out there because I like jog to the garbage can outside sometimes and I get tired.

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