Why Oh Why Oh Wires?

In its ad for its Reflect BT Wireless Headphones, JBL captures a specific frustration for runners seeking musical inspiration.

Of course, a little less bouncing in your form could take care of the problem, too.

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Ladies: Now You Can “Undress” in Public

Two California inventors/entrepreneurs have come up with something ingenious for women who need to change out of their funky running gear but don’t have a clean, private or comfortable place to do so. It’s called The Undress and this short video demonstrates how it works.

Amazing, and since women are especially adept at this sort of thing, I have no doubt they can master the machinations necessary to make this work.

Men, on the other hand, are likely to find themselves buns-up with their pants around their ankles if they tried something like this. I don’t know how a similar product for men would work, but I’m fairly certain it would look just like this…

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Superman Runs Up Gibraltar

Actor Henry Cavill is best known for portraying Superman in Man of Steel, but he displayed a real-life feat of strength when he participated in the Gibraltar Rock Run.

The race route climbs 1,300 feet up the famous rock over 4.3 kilometers of narrow trails and past a host of ornery Barbary macaques. The event commemorates the founding of the Royal Marines, celebrating their 350th birthday this year.

Cavill’s brother is a lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines and joined him on the run.

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A Good Cause… But a Little Creepy

Firefighter Paudi Thompson will run the Dublin Marathon with an unusual accoutrement – an 88-pound lifelike child mannequin across his shoulders.

Thompson is raising money for a mental health and suicide prevention charity and is hoping that other runners will help him carry the mannequin as a symbolic gesture.

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Team Wang

The Armory Track in New York City has hosted a multitude of events for many years, but nothing like the presentation of fashion designer Alexander Wang’s collection of performance wear.

At a press conference earlier in the day, Wang explained that the initial inspiration for his collection was “sports at night” — you sweat when you go out dancing, and his H&M collection is just as appropriate for a workout as it is for a night in the club. In order to play up the latter, the designer invited ’90s hip-hop legend Missy Elliott to perform her greatest hits to the crowd, followed by a DJ set by Diplo. In keeping with the “ball game” spirit, full-sized hot dogs and bottles of ice cold beer were passed around on the dance floor.

As the crowd thinned out, the designer climbed atop the DJ booth wielding a t-shirt gun, armed with mesh jerseys that read “Team Wang.” After a night like that, there’s no wonder why his is a team that everyone is clamoring to join.

I know you’re dying to ditch the boring old singlet and shorts and become the most fashion-forward runners out there, so here are a few sample looks.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone should be seen either on the track or in the dance club in this stuff, but it does seem perfect for the Thunderdome.

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Dead Celebrity 5K

Yep, that’s the name of the second annual race in Fort Collins, Colorado, this Friday night – not that they’re unique. Long-time Running Is Funny readers may recall the Dead Celebrity 3-Miler in Columbus, Ohio.

Once again I’ll refer to this web site, which will provide some wonderful costume ideas – Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams, Johnny Winter, Eli Wallach et al. Last year’s race in Fort Collins tended toward the traditional…

…and the obscure….

I don’t know who he’s supposed to be, but since he’s jogging in jeans, he belongs here.

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You Can Be Replaced By a Special Effect

This is the coolest-looking CGI I’ve seen in a while, and there is probably a race director somewhere who thinks this would make a good obstacle for a novelty 5k. Take a look.

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