A Good Cause… But a Little Creepy

Firefighter Paudi Thompson will run the Dublin Marathon with an unusual accoutrement – an 88-pound lifelike child mannequin across his shoulders.

Thompson is raising money for a mental health and suicide prevention charity and is hoping that other runners will help him carry the mannequin as a symbolic gesture.

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Team Wang

The Armory Track in New York City has hosted a multitude of events for many years, but nothing like the presentation of fashion designer Alexander Wang’s collection of performance wear.

At a press conference earlier in the day, Wang explained that the initial inspiration for his collection was “sports at night” — you sweat when you go out dancing, and his H&M collection is just as appropriate for a workout as it is for a night in the club. In order to play up the latter, the designer invited ’90s hip-hop legend Missy Elliott to perform her greatest hits to the crowd, followed by a DJ set by Diplo. In keeping with the “ball game” spirit, full-sized hot dogs and bottles of ice cold beer were passed around on the dance floor.

As the crowd thinned out, the designer climbed atop the DJ booth wielding a t-shirt gun, armed with mesh jerseys that read “Team Wang.” After a night like that, there’s no wonder why his is a team that everyone is clamoring to join.

I know you’re dying to ditch the boring old singlet and shorts and become the most fashion-forward runners out there, so here are a few sample looks.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone should be seen either on the track or in the dance club in this stuff, but it does seem perfect for the Thunderdome.

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Dead Celebrity 5K

Yep, that’s the name of the second annual race in Fort Collins, Colorado, this Friday night – not that they’re unique. Long-time Running Is Funny readers may recall the Dead Celebrity 3-Miler in Columbus, Ohio.

Once again I’ll refer to this web site, which will provide some wonderful costume ideas – Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams, Johnny Winter, Eli Wallach et al. Last year’s race in Fort Collins tended toward the traditional…

…and the obscure….

I don’t know who he’s supposed to be, but since he’s jogging in jeans, he belongs here.

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You Can Be Replaced By a Special Effect

This is the coolest-looking CGI I’ve seen in a while, and there is probably a race director somewhere who thinks this would make a good obstacle for a novelty 5k. Take a look.

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Mom Was Right: Always Carry Cab Fare

Dateline – Bangalore, India:

Indrajeet Patel and two other runners were making good time and ahead of the thousands of participants in the marathon in India’s technology capital when things went terribly wrong.

Around 15 kilometers into the 21 kilometer half-marathon course they realized the crowd had disappeared. The pace car they had been following had missed a U-turn and they had all gone 4 kilometers in the wrong direction.

…Another runner who got lost, Soji Mathew, said they had to ask people on the street for directions back to the course and money.

“We borrowed 30 rupees from a few morning joggers to take a metro train to reach the station closest to the finishing line,” Mr. Mathew said.

…In a separate incident, a woman who was running the full 42-kilometer marathon ran five kilometers in the wrong direction before she was brought back to the course by the organizers.

…The marathon was not immune from Bangalore’s chronic traffic problem after drivers, tired of the road closures, drove through barriers, filling a part of the course with honking cars, witnesses said. In one pile up the number of cars outnumbered traffic cops and drivers were heckling the runners, witnesses said.

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Friday Five: Savoy Brown Running Playlist

Thanks to my new Armpocket, I am now able to do my long runs accompanied by my favorite music, which is an eclectic and eccentric mix of old TV tunes, old blues, old spaghetti western music, old opera arias, old Motown, and dinosaur rock. Basically anything prior to the antiquated songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape.

This is the only time I will subject you to my musical tastes, but I do like to take the opportunity to recognize all-but-forgotten tunes like Pata Pata Time, The Only Living Boy in New York, and Pictures of Matchstick Men. This Friday Five features songs by Savoy Brown that suit my running style and mindset.

Savoy Brown is a blues and boogie band that formed in the UK in the Sixties. You may never have heard of them, but some of their members went on to form Foghat, which is probably still reasonably familiar because of Slow Ride.

Anyway, thanks to YouTube and wholesale copyright infringement by its users, I bring you my favorite five running tunes from Savoy Brown.

1) Leavin’ Again. An 8-minute song with a catchy bass riff and easy pace. Perfect first mile song.

2) Take It Easy. “You should enjoy the long, long journey. Savor every hill and bend. You’re gonna get there sooner or later. So don’t worry about the end.”

3) A Hard Way To Go. “Ain’t got time for doubts or fears…. Because I still got a hard way to go.”

4) I’m Tired.

5) I’m Crying. “Now I know there are folk in hospital who are far worse off than me.” Perfect last mile song.

Bonus track! Train to Nowhere.

Have a bluesy weekend, everyone.

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Product Review: Armpocket

Before you can understand how excited I was when the good folks at Armpocket offered a sample for me to review, you have to see how I normally carry my stuff while running.


I have shorts with deep pockets, but carrying my phone was out of the question as I hated feeling it slap against my leg with every stride. The Armpocket is an armband designed to securely carry virtually every phone on the market, including the iPhone 6. I opted for the basic Aero i-10 model in “camo wood,” so that it would be invisible to any bear trying to rip me off during a trail run.

An elastic band holds the phone against the clear plastic face, enabling you to use the touchscreen without removing the phone from the armband. Behind the phone are two pockets for ID, cash and other small items. If you need more room, you would be better off with a different model that holds more stuff.

The compartment zips closed, and there is a small velcro strap to hold your earbud cord in place. The wide strap that goes around your arm is also velcroed, though Armpocket offers different sizes of each model to accommodate all sizes of biceps.

I wore it strapped to my bare left arm for four runs of various durations and speeds, and it stayed snugly in place the entire time. My only caution is if you chafe easily, like I do, it’s worth applying a little Vaseline or BodyGlide to your arm to avoid any issues. After a few minutes, I was completely unaware of its presence.

Although the Armpocket is designed for you to be able to use your phone while it is inside, I’m clumsy and half-blind, so it would be difficult for me to interact much with the phone while on the run. The best part for me was being able to run with my music for the very first time (more on that tomorrow).

I threw it in the washing machine with all my other running gear and washed it on “eco warm” and “active wear.” Air-dried it with my singlets and shorts and it was good to go.

The model I have retails for $29.95, which is pretty reasonable for something that’s likely to last forever with ordinary use. If you want to go high-end, the NightHawk model comes with a white LED light on the front and a flashing red LED light for safety at night. I’m waiting for one with a siren and a loudspeaker.

Here’s a short video of the Aero i-10 model so you get a better sense of how it works.

Not only did the Armpocket free up my shorts pockets for bulkier items like GUs or Clif Shot Bloks, but it completely revolutionized my running experience by making it convenient for me to bring music along. I highly recommend Armpocket for runners and walkers of all speeds and mileage. It performs the essential task of making your workout a little easier.

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