Business Trip!

I’ll be away for a couple of weeks so I’ve scheduled some goodies from the Running Is Funny vault to entertain you while I’m gone.

There could also be some tweeting. Please try to contain yourselves.

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Game of Thrones Withdrawal? Try Running With “Fit for Battle”

Do you find that your mind wanders during a run? Do you sometimes wish it would wander? Now you have a choice between thinking about work and thinking about orcs.

Fit for Battle is the latest app to combine role playing games and running.

Fit For Battle has six interactive audio quests to choose from and places you as the main character and the hero of the story, where you need to run to escape from villains, dragons and goblins to survive and in turn maximise your running performance.

…Fit For Battle works to reward the runner for exercising and celebrates each story milestone. The game also takes into consideration the runner’s performance in the real world and converts that performance into part of the story. At the end of the run the amount of calories that were burned convert into gold coins in the story, which can be used to buy clothes and magical items for the virtual character each user creates.

Here’s the short video promo.

This follows in the footsteps of BattleSuit Runner and Zombies, Run! but the tech has improved markedly so your experience is likely to be more immersive. Who knows, they might next create a fitness app for platform diving.

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Three More Things to Worry About While Running

1. Bees.

2. Drones.

3. And bears, leading to this Shakespearean-themed headline. Here’s a bit of an explanation, if you’re not super-familiar with the Bard.

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Running Dumplings Dumped

If you thought foam president racing was hazardous, wait until you see what happened to these running pierogis when they encountered former WWE wrestlers at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game.

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What Goes Up…

We have often featured extreme hill runs (see here and here) but I only just noticed they always seem to be going uphill. Here’s a neat little video from Salomon Running TV showing a couple careening their way through steep downhills.

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If You Must Get Hit By a Car, Make Sure a Celebrity Is Driving

Singer David Crosby will pay a $3 million settlement to a jogger he hit in March 2015 with his Tesla.

Jose Luquin suffered broken bones and a kidney injury in the accident. Crosby claimed the sun was in his eyes and he never saw Luquin, who was jogging with traffic instead of facing it. The police never gave Crosby a sobriety test.

Running Is Funny has exclusively obtained Crosby’s narrative of what happened that fateful evening:

It was one of those nights when you drive
Right by your own street and you wonder who’s running

…And the distance between me and my pavement
Seemed to get a hundred yards long

…I keep on tryin’ to tune in, tune in on the radio
Trying to tune me out of my trance

…At least a car goes where you steer it
Sometimes that’s the only thing it does

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This Story About an Ass Will Warm Your Heart

This Father’s Day story has a kid, a hardship and a burro. We’ve posted about burro racing before, but we’re still disappointed no one has combined it with the beer mile to produce the Beer Burro Mile.

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