Tune Up For Beer Mile With Pretzel Run

We’ve seen races devoted to virtually every kind of foodstuff, but a big salty pretzel seems perfectly suited for a 5K summer run.

The Pretzel Run in Shorewood, Wisconsin, will not only provide a freshly baked soft pretzel at the finish line, but will throw in a chocolate-covered pretzel for good measure.

I don’t know if this guy will be there, but he ought to be.

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Help Make the Beer Mile an Olympic Sport

Using the indisputable logic “If trampoline, ballroom dancing and equestrian dressage can be in, so can beer mile,” World of Beer started an online petition to get the beer mile into the Olympic Games.

At least I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re doing, because they don’t use the word “Olympics” in their promo material – probably because they don’t want to pay enormous sponsorship fees. Anyway, they’re giving away a free beer or $5 off a food item on your check if you sign the petition. Blatant bribery! But it’s free beer so who’s idiot enough to complain?

If you’re unfamiliar with World of Beer, it has “more than 75 taverns in more than 21 states.” That’s vague, but who cares, because each tavern has 50 rotating daily taps of craft beer.

There are currently more than 2,100 names on the petition. Do your part! The beer mile is already established as an elite running event, and even the announcers are taking it seriously. It would be a prime-time ratings bonanza.

The thrill of victory…

…and the agony of defeat.

(Hmmm. They look pretty similar.)

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Three Things I’m Faster Than

Wednesday is speedwork day, although using the word “speed” to describe any of my running is an affront to vocabulary. However, all speed is relative, I’m sure some famous scientist once said, so here are three things I’m faster than – memorialized on t-shirts.

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Don’t Bust My Balls

There are literally hundreds of things that could go wrong during your road race, but this runner in Belgium found what might possibly be the worst one.

Somehow he continues on. If it had been me, there would have been video of several more minutes of whimpering while curled into the fetal position.

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You’ll Have to Run Faster Than That, Wendy

KTLA reporter Wendy Burch was broadcasting from a beach at Dana Point, California, because sharks had been sighted in the area. In the finest tradition of local news, she flagged down a random passerby for an opinion.

He happened to be James, a young Aussie out for a shirtless run. James’ impassioned views on shark sightings and media hype were so riveting Wendy could hardly contain herself, as you can see from the video.

And you thought fartleks had no practical application.

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From the Vault: The Tarahumara Diet Is Tough to Swallow

(First posted September 14, 2010)

Ever since the publication of Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run, a barefoot and minimalist running trend is sweeping America, based on the author’s examination of the Tarahumara people of Mexico. In case you’ve been vacationing in Antarctica for the last couple of years, the Tarahumara are phenomenal long distance runners. It’s only natural that pioneering souls would seek to emulate them, hence the shift in footwear choices and, increasingly, diet.

McDougall raves about the Tarahumara drink they call iskiate, or, as McDougall  names it, “10,000-year-old Red Bull.” It’s made from chia seeds – yep, the same stuff you use to make your Chia Obama. It’s said to provide high energy, though I suspect there’s a significant placebo effect.

This being America, quite a few people are turning the Tarahumara diet into a business opportunity, such as Fuel Your Run the Tarahumara Way, which offers “15 pinole and chia recipes for the modern athlete.” The author tells us the recipes are “made from real ingredients, so you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your body—no mystery sugars here.”

Cross-cultural contact greatly enriches the American diet, so if you like pinoles and chia seeds, I say go for it. But it should be noted that the influences go both ways, and the Tarahumara are making some interesting dietary choices of their own.

National Geographic also spent time with them, and its recital of Tarahumara nutrition varies quite a bit from the exotic:

“They also eat a lot of Maruchan, the Japanese instant noodles that come in plastic-foam tubs. Foil-wrapped potato chips, too, and plastic liters of Coca-Cola, and Tecate beer in pop-top cans…”

The article suggests the Tarahumara are beginning to lose their running endurance, simply because they now have navigable roads. Even worse, the men have taken to wearing “pointy-toed boots in leather dyed to match their belts” and women are wearing – what else? – athletic shoes. “I’m not putting on huaraches,” one said. “I get too many stones under my feet.”

McDougall’s best-selling book brought new attention to the Tarahumara, which led to increased Western tourism to their region of northern Mexico. It would be a bizarre twist if Born to Run indirectly caused a running shoe boom among the Tarahumara.

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From the Vault: How to Avoid Sudden Death While Running

(First posted September 10, 2010)

There’s nothing funny about sudden death, but there is something funny about an article with the headline, “How Can I Avoid Sudden Death While Running?” I have five answers to that question. Certainly you can think of a few more.

1) Get out of the minefield.

2) Start singing “Gimme Three Steps.”

3) Drop the lightning rod.

4) Sprint, recover, duck and cover.

5) Stare intently at your wife as that gorgeous young thing jogs by.

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